Warzone Store Item Level


So i reached 70 yesterday and i was looking at the store items. They are still item level 40/50. I thought ok maybe it didn't restock yet so  i waited and today there are different items but still item level 40 . I'm on ps4 is that a bug or is it on purpose? Why should i grind the warzone when i could do Tarrot missions which are more rewarding and easier to complete? 

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Warzone Store Item Level
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4 years 331 days ago
Ok hope so :D looking forward to play 2.0 :D
4 years 334 days ago
Cannot confirm that just yet, the official release date is not yet out. There will be a gap between the PC and the console release but I think it won't take 3 months.
4 years 334 days ago
Oh ok good to hear :D will 2.0 have the same delay as Seasons so 3 months between console and pc? 
4 years 335 days ago

The re-work of Warzone is in the process at the moment which also includes the item levels you can get from the Munitorum. The changes will arrive with the 2.0 update.

4 years 335 days ago

ON WZ relics in general: the stats for all of them are the same, no matter their level. So a WZ relic of 40 is as powerfull as a relic of 70 (which is max item lvl atm). Sometimes the store has nice items, but better to farm them from Nemesis.

Get a team together, you can farm with 2 psykers and 2 random any WZ in 5 min. You need to get at least to WZ 120 to get max favour of 25 per WZ.

With every 50 favour you start farming the Nemesis chaos knight. Best also in a team, but solo also doable. With increasing level the chance for WZ gear increases.

Its really hard grinding, the purpose of WZ Rank still a mystery. There are 200 ranks. Get at least to 100. That should take you to WZ battle 450 or something.

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