Warzone bug


HEy there since a few days i cant play warzones on may Char. Crazyleg on Warhammer 40k Inqisitor Matyr every time i start a WZ the game crashe and i get back to Desktop without an error message PLease help ! thx

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Warzone bug
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5 years 204 days ago
In what language are you playing the game?
5 years 205 days ago
i have semilar problem with that. i contact on this neocore support. the problem on me was that i played in german. after changing to english all will be fine.. they know the bug and with next patch it will be fixed.
5 years 205 days ago

Patch 1.3.1 but i have still this bug.

5 years 217 days ago
Thx for answer i hope the problem will be fixed soon...
5 years 218 days ago
We are already investigating the matter and will fix the problem ASAP! 
5 years 219 days ago
The same with me. I have no idea why the game crashes. Everything is running properly, except the warzone.