Warp Anomaly 


I am getting Warp Anomaly  after Warp Anomaly just for being at high heat levels. I literally just stand there, not casting a thing, and they keep coming... One right after another. The warp attunement perks isn't doing anything either. It is just bad anomaly one after another. If I cast and cause one, I get good anomaly maybe 30% of the time on the high end. That is stretching the numbers. It is more like 10% of the time tops I get a good one when casting.

ATM the game is unplayable as all I am getting is bad anomaly just for walking around in high heat levels. I had like 4 triangle things, 3 explosions, a few tornados, and multiple chaos spawn coming after me while just trying to holding f on a data vault.   

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Warp Anomaly 
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1 year 32 days ago
Well hopefully it will be enough.. Before all these changes I was enjoying the game, now it is just too stressful to even think of playing my psyker. 
1 year 32 days ago
We will decrease their effects and their numbers too via a hotfix coming out later this week!