Warhammer Skulls,

Offline Mode & New DLC!



The Warhammer Skulls Video Games Festival is finally here with fantastic discounts for all things Warhammer on Steam. This includes our game, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr and its various DLCs, such as Prophecy and Sororitas Class. You can find all these in the Definitive Edition as well.

For this grand occasion, we have two things prepared. First, we are happy to announce that the Offline Mode update is now live, which means that from now on, you can play Martyr without having to connect to the internet. See our FAQ for more details. The online portion of the game doesn't go away either, so if you want to continue your current progress, you can do so! Praise the Omnissiah!

Another surprise from us is a quick teaser for our upcoming DLC, the Hierophant Class. We can now confirm that this new Inquisitor will be joining the other classes this fall. Watch our double feature trailer right here for more details:

Look forward to more information about this new class in the following months, as we will be revealing abilities, equipment and subclasses. Make sure to check back occasionally here, on Steam, or on our various social media.

Aside from Inquisitor - Martyr, make sure to check out all the Warhammer games on sale! And of course... smite some heretics with the Imperium's holy power!

The Emperor Protects!

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Warhammer Skulls, Offline Mode & New DLC!
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23 days ago
PS5 owner here, would really love an offline patch, would be kinda unfair that pc gets it not consoles.
25 days ago

We have a fix ready for this and we'll publish it soon! Thank you for your patience.

25 days ago
Loving offline mode it brought me back

1 strange issue. Different characters and progression when connected to internet and playing offline vs not connected to internet and playing offline

25 days ago
Hey hey! It wasn't yet decided upon internally whether we'll be able to port offline mode to consoles as well. The seasonal Journey update will come later this year though for sure!
26 days ago
SO WHEN IS THE PATCH (offline mode) dropping on Xbox??? I literally purchased it for the offline playability…..for years I prayed for this patch. No cap
28 days ago
Is the offline mode not coming to consoles? I bought the game because this was announced and logged in on Xbox with no sign of the mode. Should the FAQ not have mentioned if it was PC only?