Warhammer Inquisitor Martyr Prophecy in seasons only Tech Adept get morality.


I don't know if is a bug of Prophecy DLC with the seasons but after playing  Martyr Prophecy last two season, I find out that only the Tech Adept in my account has morality and the rest of my characters after the first season and now in this second season has no morality.  I tried to search on the internet and didn't find any morality reset button, so something should be wrong with my account in the seasons. 

Furthermore, I knew that some of my old characters has morality because I used some bonus skills in them and with some of the first seasons characters also use some bonus skills before the transfer, but now only the tech adept has morality and the rest have zero morality and to try to finish all the missions again is pain to get the morality back so will have to delete the characters again.

My characters from last season now were:

Galahad - Crusader Assault LVL 71 zero morality (Drukari Menace & Martyr Chapter 3) was Puritan.

Hinata Hyuuga - Infiltrator Assassin LVL 68 zero morality (Tide of Blood & Martyr Chapter 3) was Puritan.

Dark Bader - Empyrianist Psyker LVL 69 zero morality (Drukari Menace & Martyr Chapter 3) was Radical.

Cyber Brainiac - Adept Skitarious LVL 66 Radical 150 (Tide of Blood & Prophecy: Anathema Ultima) Only character right.

New Season:

Thassius Blood - Tactical Crusader LVL 59 zero morality (Tide of Blood & Martyr chapter 3) at least two missions Puritan of Drukari.

Nemesis Cyrius - Sniper Assassing LVL58 zero morality (Drukari Menace & Martyr 3) at least first drukari Puritan.

Kaer Fireborn - Aetherwalker Psyker LVL 61 zero morality (D Menace & Martyr 3) at least first Radical and some random.

Akame Darksith - Infiltrator Assassing LVL 54 zero morality (D Menace & Martyr 3) at least first Puritain and some random.

Luther Megatron - Adept Secutor LVL 50 Radical 130 (D Menace & Prophecy: Gathering Storm) right amount.

Tyriel Akonolus - Adept Dominus LVL 48 Radical 70 (D Menace & Chaos Undivided & Prophecy: Gathering Storm) make some random mission and also didn't get the morality after rescue in Prophecy, so the level is too low comparing to Megatron.  I played the two adept at the same time and noticed not getting first morality of Prophecy missions in second Adept Akonolus.

This is my first post and don't know how to get a reply and will try to see in the site if I get some information.


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2 years 334 days ago
I would like to get back to you on the matter you reported to us quite a few weeks ago.

1. First off, our devs checked if there is any anomaly affecting your account but could not find anything.
2. Our testers checked on the issue itself with the Prophecy client but they had no success whether it was Season 2 or Season 3.

If you might find any more clue which can help reproducing the problem we would be glad to hear it. 

3 years 40 days ago
I forwarded the issue to our developers, they will check what went wrong on your account. We would like to ask your patience in the following period.