[April Fools] Warhammer CHANGELOG - V0.2.1


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. 

New Features

Mission Limitation System

  • The constant activity of players in Global Chat, Discord and Forums led us to consider the health of our fans, which made us implement the new MLS (Mission Limitation System). Developed with the help of professional healthcare workers, the MLS will allow players to finish 7 missions per 24 hours, resetting at 13:00 CET each day. This should help preserve the eyesight of our players more.

Mission Travel System

  • The Universe is vast and deadly. But more vast.
  • Mission Load time is now calculated by Mission Travel Time where a lore-faithful mechanism calculates the total time required to travel the distance between solar systems and subsectors.
  • Each mission is starting only after the Mission Travel Time has ended – during the time a brand new animation is shown!
  • This change was made so the game can pre-load more content, resulting in smoother gameplay and more FPS.
  • Warp Travel reduces travel time drastically, so obtaining it should be the main goal of all Inquisitors.
  • Warp Travel is unavailable until the next content update.

Improved acoustics

  • The terrain setting will now define the acoustic setting of the map. In great hallways, enemies will now hear you fire your bolter from much greater distances and will join the battle.


  • Added a variety of languages to the game. Every fraction will have its own distinctive language. Compiling the vocabulary of these languages takes a lot of work, but we are making this our top priority issue as of now.


  • Minor tweaks with Monster HP.
  • Shotgun damage has been decreased by 30%.
  • Altered loot chances slightly.
  • Since we have received so many complaints about itemization, we felt that we have to get back to the basics until these issues are resolved. This means that we have removed all weapons from the game, leaving only the Bolt Pistol. This should give players a more equal chance at clearing missions.
  • All previous weapons will now revert into Normal Quality Bolt Pistols.
  • Getting struck by enemies can now trigger a Dazed effect that slows player movement by 90% for 5 seconds.
  • All enemies now move slightly faster.
  • Passive skills now can only be reset for 200 000 Credits. We have felt that the skill tree is giving too much leeway to players so we changed it in order for players to really think before making such important decisions.
  • Currency has been removed from the game.
  • Bolter rounds can now be replaced with skull fragments.
  • Each skull fragment takes up 1 inventory space.
  • Removing pieces of equipment will increase loot chance by 20%/40%/60%/etc. This should add a risk vs. reward aspect to missions.


  • In Co-Op, loot will now drop universally for all players.
  • To balance this change, when a player has received 3 pieces of loot in Co-Op, further drops will cause a random item from his inventory to drop for the other party members to pick up.


  • The dog has been removed.
  • Added a new icon for Suppressive Fire.
  • After completing a Mission, players must return to the insertion point. That's where their ship is docked, after all.
  • New Emotes: /dab and /vape
  • Added equipment slot for E-cigs.
  • Over 420 types of E-cigs can be obtained from enemies as drops.
  • New Passive Stat: Charisma
  • Charisma is randomly rolled for each created character and determines the aggro range of enemies.
  • The Inquisitor now ages over time. To add more fidelity, there is now a very small chance for your Inquisitor to die during traveling.
  • New: Barber Shop
  • Added a Barber to the Hub where Inquisitors can deal with their ever-growing facial hair.
  • New Mission Type: Emperor Simulator
  • Players can switch between 3 camera angles to oversee the daily sacrifices. Movement disabled.
  • When the Inquisitor dies, players can now watch a new (unskippable) death cutscene.
  • Covers have been reworked. Hiding behind a cover before engaging enemies will reduce the aggro range of enemies. Moving from cover to cover undetected will further amplify this effect. We included this change because we felt that stealth should be an important factor in this game.
  • Cardboard box added.
  • Due to the negative feedback, Uther's Tarot mode is removed entirely.
  • Under the effect of Wardrugs, muzzle flashes will now appear more rainbow-colored.
  • Supply crates now have a chance to be booby-trapped, causing 65% Player HP damage in a 20 yard radius.


  • Elevated pitch and increased volume of the Bolt Pistol's firing sound.
  • Music has been removed from the game. We feel that it makes players harder to focus. Also, the game's more scary this way.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor mission stability fixes.
  • Fixed a dupe glitch with the Crafting window.
  • Fixed a couple of bugged users who had items or currency that they should not have obtained.
  • Fixed a bug where the Inquisitor did not have long blonde hair.
  • Chaos Portals were briefly vulnerable to player damage. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera was movable. This was never intended.
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[April Fools] Warhammer CHANGELOG - V0.2.1
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7 years 113 days ago

Nice one guys! XD Haha :D

But actually 1-2 things are actually pretty good ideas XD :D

The co-op loot drop and the "drop an item to increase a loot chance for it" is actually not a bad idea after all :D hehe :D

7 years 114 days ago

Man I was so excited for like 5 seconds. Good one :) 

7 years 114 days ago

It be cruel to die in the warp travel. I seem to me that inquisitor have access to rejuvenate treatment that give us century of life. I don't play the game and I don't know if there is warp issue in... But in the books, it's very rare to arrive several centurys after the departure. it's happen because of the statistics. The Imperium is so extensive and there is so much ships who travel than it's come ship disappear in the warp and arrive to their destination century after...

P.S: I'm french so pardon my english

7 years 114 days ago
Posted by Evig 7 years 114 days ago

Great joke - however I cannot even buy the game...

It keeps going back to "Pay Now". when clicking on Pay Now... :-/

Strange, but please try to clear your browser's cache or try a different browser, perhaps simply press CTRL + F5 on the checkout page.

7 years 114 days ago

Great joke - however I cannot even buy the game...

It keeps going back to "Pay Now". when clicking on Pay Now... :-/

7 years 114 days ago

I'm totally happy about this patch! Casual players can actually keep up!

And man, can't wait to find me a cardbox! 

7 years 114 days ago

The dog?! I can't believe you guys went and removed the dog!! It was by far the bestest feature of the game! 10/10 IGN an' stuff! I'm heartbroken :_(

Cool post, you got me fooled for once, and I admit to believing these to be the real patch notes. Nice to know you lot got a sense of humor, makes me even happier to participate in the Founding. Happy April 1st y'all! 

But seriously, BRING BACK THE DOG!!

This comment was edited 7 years 114 days ago by Evil Beard
7 years 114 days ago

Will the update fix the crafting bug?

7 years 114 days ago

I certainly went with it for a few minutes. I was all, "I get where you're coming from on the restrictions, and it's nice to show that kind of concern. I'm sure some players won't be happy about it. Oh, we're going to all bolt pistols? Dang, I didn't think things were THAT unbalanced, but it is alpha... Removed currency? That's weird. Huh? What dog? Vape and dab emotes? ...Ohhhhhhhh..."

Heh. Good job, guys. Looking forward to the next actual patch.

7 years 114 days ago

Quality stuff!!

7 years 114 days ago

Almost belived it for a minute, well played guys really well played. Would like the warp bit though and the sound traveld is effected by the area. those could be interesting features

This comment was edited 7 years 114 days ago by Yuri Oorlov
7 years 114 days ago

Ohhh, thats nice. Maybe i can craft finaly a Weapon. I have already to wait for my Powerarmor for over 45000min (ca. 32 Days) :)

This comment was edited 7 years 114 days ago by Arkos
7 years 114 days ago
The real update will follow very soon, hopefully within thefirst half of the week.
7 years 114 days ago

"Players must return the the insertion point after completing a mission, this is where their ship is docked after all."

HAHAHAHA!! i laughed so hard i almost spit my coffee........

7 years 114 days ago

I would be cool, if they had done this for real :D Only for the 01.04 but it would be a nice pre-easteregg ;)

7 years 114 days ago

A new patch over the weekend, after the last heretic burning! But I was looking forward to the update
A new travel system with the penalty introduced before means!
Bolt Pistols only!
1st April .... Well Done. lol

7 years 114 days ago

Happy April 1 lol. But seriously when do we get the next update?

7 years 114 days ago

Should 0.2.1 already be live now? For me it stays at 0.2.0 atm. Can't wait ... ;) ....

7 years 114 days ago

Some of them don't sound that bad.... :P