warhammer 40k needs a few playable heroes from other factions


It would be interesting if there was a new campaign from one of the other factions.  Allowing players to use a non imperial hero like tau, or tyranid.  It would be fun to massacre imperial space marines and guardsmen with a  tau firewarrior. could even create a tau ship and bridge to serve as a base.  I mean something new from the usual "Kill the xenos", "for the emperior" routine.  kinda like the problem with disney and the failed new star wars trilogy that even George Lucas calls mundane and boring.  You gotta branch out and take risks every now and then.  As it stands warhammer 40k is easy, monotonous, and boring.

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warhammer 40k needs a few playable heroes from other factions
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4 years 203 days ago
There are several Dawn of War games where you had the option to play through the campaign as Xenos\Chaos faction. Also last gen had Warhammer 40,000 Fire Warrior where you played as a, wait for it, a T'au Fire Warrior *gasp*. 

As for the abilty to play a diverse faction within Inquisitor: Martyr would be moe complicated to fit into the lore and campain save a few missions where you took over parts of hive cities

4 years 204 days ago
plus for Tau. some standalone dlc warhammer 40,000: Tau Imperial Agent