Want to delete the character in graveyard



As I understand it, 14 character slots are available for the player.

I find I have 12 characters and only 1 empty slot left:  the one in the graveyard also takes 1 slot. 

I would like to ask for a functionality that completely removes the graveyard character, as there should be. 

It's also a little weird that newly-deleted characters would not enter graveyard and automatically remove the old one. Instead they would get permanently deleted while the old one would still stay

Thanks for the help!



a screeshot of the system message

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Want to delete the character in graveyard
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190 days ago
hello! please message me on [email protected] or on this website's support chat with your in-game account name so I can help you out
191 days ago

how do I delete a character from my Graveyard his the Heavy Gunny crusader

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1 year 33 days ago
Thanks OH, she has done her duty well and she now serves at the Emperor's side
1 year 34 days ago
Hey! It's all done. Sabrina is no more, may she RIP
1 year 34 days ago
Yep. I updated this post with a screenshot of system message.

I wish to permanently remove that character in graveyard, an assasin named Sabrina.


1 year 34 days ago
hello there. So it should work the way you describe in your last sentence, that the most recent deleted character is revivable in the graveyard. With you it's stuck on the first character?

As to your request, I can remove any character you'd like, manually. Could you let me know which character(s) you would like removed?