Void Shard Map


Can you just lower the difficulty or rewark it since you will reach difficulty+9(red) even with no tarot cards its too hard you can`t autrun the NPC you will receive to high dmg you will give to low dmg in void map at lvl 92 reached difficulty+9 and map lvl 101 but i gived up was to hard for me,mache a test and see how it is for me its too hard you will not complet all the maps in Void Map you will be traped in map wear you will ned few hours to finish it,to finish it wean you have done half of it or more andn wean you see the drop and same drop as you mache it again and again its hurting for a player just mache,just mache same test with your chars and see how it is....i`m sure you wanna give up to :)

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Void Shard Map
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3 years 209 days ago
Van Bolt Thrower
Question wath happens wean you collect all info fragments and all the keys???
3 years 211 days ago

Yeah. Dont make it easyer. i have no an build where i can make the crusade.. its hart yes but not impossibel. i must look vor every step i take but you can do the difficult! and its mutch of fun and all the items make sens then!!

and here you see it is possibel i have unlock an complet crusade:

i think it is all... the last intel i have not found... i must more investigate....

but the difficulty is for me absolute okay!

Youre Bolt Thrower!

3 years 216 days ago

We internally tested high level intel missions with various builds which of course are kinda OP due to the various socketed items which make your character quite powerful. In case you play further I'm pretty sure you will obtain some very useful equipments and can buff them with various sockets so the completing of such Intel missions will be a breeze.