Void Crusades - Help and Tips


Copy from the Compendium:

Hidden and Covert Missions can be unlocked by completing hidden events or finding secret info-fragments. These missions give further unique loot bonuses or allow more tries for the player
Supreme Missions are located at the end with challenging bosses and missions
Completing objectives and missions on the Void Crusade map rewards players with Keys
Players may acquire a total of 5 keys from the Void Crusade
After finishing a Supreme Mission, players can use a teleporter on the map to get transported to the final loot room where they can open Void Chests
Players may open as many Loot Caches as they can with the number of acquired Keys at hand, besides the Supreme Void Chest which does not require a key to open

There are many ways to do a Void Crusade, but personally i choose the easy way, as I dont see the point in doing only 1% damage in missions.

1. Do all 3 missions which are unlocked at the start.

2. Do all right side missions.

3. Then do all left side missions, and last go for the middle. 

4. Do Covert / Hidden missions as soon as they come up.

5. Depending on your skill, do the nurgle supreme mission (right) for easy gaming, 4 levels high, 25% less damage. If you are geared up do the left side, 90% damage reduction, as there is much more loot and mini bosses. Its not to uncommon that they drop mem-viruses.

I do not garantee it, but I am pretty sure, that the chests are always the same. So if you know where the morality chests it, i am positive that it will be the same chests in all void crusade runs.

Nevertheless, I can not find the last info-fragement, and would be pleased it anyone knows where to find it. I marked on the map below all locations i am aware of.

Please ask me if you would like to know more, either here, or in-game, Anthrax Omega.

Good hunting, battle brothers.

Edit: Chest locations seem to be determined by how many missions you did on the void crusade. As i do always all missions, it seemed for me, that the location for the chests are fixed. 

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Void Crusades - Help and Tips
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4 years 111 days ago
There are 5 intels altogether. :)
4 years 112 days ago

I can't find any discussion that solves the "where is the sixth info fragment in the ebony void crusade" issue. I've been ebony-void-crusading for a while now, and had a few theories about how to acquire the last fragment... but nothing has panned out. 

I know this discussion is from a while ago, but if anyone knows how to get six fragments, please do share.

After reading down a bit... or ARE there even six of them?

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4 years 182 days ago
Anthrax Omega
I appreciate it.. I normally only have 1 sometimes 2 info fragments.. only level 82, I am just trying to get as many anchient artifact or archeo that I won't use so I can scrap them, I need the red pieces to add some sockets to my gear.. lol
4 years 182 days ago

ok, this is purely my expierence. but once you alt f4 out of a supreme mission, it seems that the chests do not move. so you use up all but one key and alt f4 out before you could finish the supreme mission. in combination with your info fragement intel, you shoule be able to locate all chests you need.

4 years 183 days ago
I thought the chest locations were static in the missions but changed around in the loot room after the supreme missions.. so those chest are always the same also? so if the one all the way to the left drops lets say blue prints, does that chest always drop blueprints? in that case I need to find the consumable one because I need more meme virus and I also need tarots so I can upgrade mine.. 
4 years 184 days ago

Well, the random mechanics are pretty bad, sometimes you get garbage (just like you said) sometimes up to 5 morality items.

It would be really bad, if lets say, you do all missions, have all keys, do the fast supreme mission with nurgle, check the chests that are  important (red chest, morality chest, red relics, maybe consumables for mem virus, as the chest location does not change), decide if you like the stuff or not and then - the emperor forbids - alt f4 out of the mission, loose all loot and do it again for better stuff....

4 years 185 days ago
Well this Void Crusades starts to be pointless since drops only 4Ancient Rellic and 1Archeotech Rellic ef you collect all the keys and all the chest same thing......I don`t see the point of doing it again for wath,for drop witch I don`t nee or drop wath I have!!!!
4 years 186 days ago

Thanks for the guide, I just started doing void crusades and level 70 assassin now.. but I found a page I was looking at before, it has all the clue spots and pictures of where all the chests are on each map for whole ivory crusade.


4 years 193 days ago

For the original ivory void crusade, I do the left side first as the missions are harder so it makes sense to me to do them while the difficulty is low. Then I move onto the right side and finish with the middle before doing the Nurgle supreme mission.

The ebony void crusade can be done in a bunch of different ways. Just do all the missions you can before increasing the difficulty each time and you can't go far wrong.   

The ebony one seems MUCH easier than the ivory one.  To do a full clear of ivory I have to do missions all the way up to +10 level (which is something like -95% damage done and +445% damage taken). Whereas I can fully clear the ebony without needing to go above +4 or +5 level.

I've found all the keys, secret missions and info fragments for ebony, but there's one thing that is confusing - there's a rescue mission where once the guardsmen have teleported out, one of them drops a dataslate.  I haven't been able to figure out what this is for. The message says to find a data terminal, but I haven't been able to locate one.

Worth noting - the compendium confirms that there are only 5 info-fragments in each void crusade. I'm not sure why the counter says there are 6.

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4 years 194 days ago
Are you working on similar help&tips for Ebony Void Shard crusade ? Im just curious :-) Thx
4 years 209 days ago
Anthrax Omega
Thanks, got one on the first try after your suggestion; it will take some time to reach 100 tho.
4 years 212 days ago
Priority missions give morality points. Just request one, check the first choice screen, make a choice, return to bridge and abandon. Priority missions have a roughly 20% chance for a morality choice, so it takes some time. You dont have to do the mission itself.
4 years 212 days ago
Anthrax Omega

Thanks for the info.

About morality... I started to add points to Radical, then I realized my playstyle (tank crus) favors Puritan more (warp resist), so I started to move points to that. I run out of story missions which give the majority of morality points, and I'm stuck at Puritan 10. Is there absolutely no way to fix this? I'm not a hardcore player, and I don't want to restart my lvl68 crus.

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4 years 213 days ago
I would suggest you do the void crusades every time you are bored, you can start and finish them in your own speed. the xp is good, and the mem virus drops quite often.

You may not be able to complete the full run, depending on your charater, but if you have void crystals to spare, just give it a go and do as far as you can, before doing the nurgle supreme mission, its the easiest and fastest one.

Furthermore know, that you can only use morality items if your respective morality bar is full (either radical or puritan). They are one of the main reasons, people do void crusades to get these items.

Whenyou farm for high end gear, I would suggest you start around lvl 90. Any gear you can find is around 5 lvl higher or lower your current lvl, but you can increase 5 levels in the forge. Max lvl for gear is 90.

4 years 213 days ago
When is best to do Void Crusades? Only at lvl100, to get the best gear for lvl 100, or is there a benefit for doing them at lower levels?
4 years 217 days ago

And that is why the Emperor doesnt talk to you. Purge all xenos and tainted.

Indeed I should have mentioned, that above way is only for  those that want to clear all stages and max. their loot chances on the way. A succesfull void crusade should yield between 1-3 mem virus and 2-5 morality relics.

The Emperor protects.

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4 years 219 days ago
i mostly skip the whole left tree. Maybe its just me, but the artefact missions costs alot of time, since you cant speed it up and the hot pursiut is dangerous, since you can kill the target fairly easy.

My own way is the whole right tree and then right nurgle supreme mission. Easiest of all and the quickest (if im not wrong, the supreme missions dont increase the loot quality)

I get out with 4 keys and one info. Since the main chest also consumes a key, i use all 4 on chests, then open the mainchest. (not sure if a bug, but i dont hope so.)

In my defense im playing a red warp psyker, so purge missions are a pain since you summon a daemon all the time, lot of backtracking to do.

To the relic chests, yes those are always on the same position. Same with the crafting mats chests.

Some guy made a listing where to find them, but it got taken down.