Void Crusade bonus mission disconnects


When doing a Void Crusade bonus, secret or covert mission my friend and I get disconnected every time. When we get back in the game those missions show as available but the X button to start them is greyed out. It only seems to happen on the “bonus or secret” missions of the Void Crusade, possibly tied to adding Tarot cards to the missions. When I am the “leader” of the Void Crusade my friend and I both get kicked, however when he is the leader and doesn’t add Tarot cards to the bonus or secret missions we don’t get kicked. When I lead we get kicked from bonus and secret missions whether I put Tarot cards on them or not.

My PSN is xmant2000 using a seasonal Assassin character named Xena.

Thank you.

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Void Crusade bonus mission disconnects
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