[Void Brethren] Seasonal Event Tier II rewards not delievered


EDIT: All delivered - thank you!



  • New character on Season of the Void Brethren.
  • Tier II: Interrogator objectives fully completed (19/19).
  • No Tier II rewards triggered / delivered.

Additional info

  • Have left it for more than 30 hours to see if UI syncs with back-end.
  • Have done multiple missions since completing.
  • Have relogged multiple times.
  • Tier I: Agent missions were delivered successfully.


  • No tier 2 Frame reward (I stupidly spent 7 favour on buying one to complete Tier 3 before I realised I should have one as a reward, which is annoying)  

  • No tier 2 commendation reward (only tier 1)

  • Tier 2 rewards  completed screen

Account details

  • Account name: HarlequinD
  • Character Name: Eanock
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[Void Brethren] Seasonal Event Tier II rewards not delievered
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157 days ago
Thank you for checking, yes. They were delivered mid VC around 36 hours after completing - not sure if someone triggered them or just a slow sync, but all is in order now. Thanks again!
157 days ago
Hi! Based on your edit, this issue is resolved? :)