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Greetings, Hunters!

It's been a while since we released an update on Xbox One for the first The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, but here is it anyway: a brand new patch! And it's also a big one (even in size), so it adds some new items and fixes some of the more persistent issues since the latest update.

Be sure to try the game now and provide more feedback, if there's still anything left to polish.

Here's the full changelog:

Major changes and fixes

  • Greatly improved performance and shorter loading times
  • Freezing issues resolved
  • Added Russian voice acting
  • Added Japanese language (text only)
  • Added Dynamic camera options
  • Added stick sensitive character movement
  • Remastered videos and cut scenes
  • Remastered sound effects
  • Added in-game language selection
  • 14 skills have been reworked. It’s possible now to aim with them (see skill descriptions)
  • New highlight effects for the items (especially for the Epic and Set items)
  • Added new artifacts

Minor bugfixes

  • Battle Royal mode now shows at the Battle GUI which scroll is equipped
  • Updated Xbox One button layout
  • Some text and localization issues have been fixed
  • Many GUI improvements
  • Added effect and sound for teleporting
  • Added missing Set items
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Van Helsing on Xbox One: Update
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