Upgrading Founder's Editions


So. It's been one week since launch. I (and others) have been wanting to upgrade my Founders Pack since about a year ago. I have been told that this is being worked on. 

Thus, some questions: is there anything resembling a rough timeframe for the implementation of a Founders Pack Upgrade system? Is there any rough synopsis/breakdown/gameplan for how said system would work? 

Any information at this point would be greatly appreciated! 

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Upgrading Founder's Editions
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4 years 347 days ago
It's now about 3 weeks since launch. 

Any change in progress or updates to this topic? I want to throw you more money. 

4 years 359 days ago
I am wondering about this as well.  Based on the community being told it was being worked on, there should be some founders upgrade packs both on the website and in Steam.  I realize we are 10 days past launch, but since we were told it was being worked on, some type of info would be great.