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In this new blog series, we'll examine Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr's different unit types, which are divided into several versatile categories. Today we start with one of the "smaller" type enemies which are considered "cannon-fodder mob", with a very special sub-category we call the "Horde type"'.

These are special enemy types in regards to their movement, because they usually come in masses of one or two unit types, and their movement is based on liquid simulation, as if they’re pouring around obstacles (and the player character), and they usually try to avoid the player’s AOE attacks. 

They are fast, but individually not very strong, however, their added DPS and suppression damage can be lethal, no player should be standing among them for long. You should be aware of some of the members of the horde that have special abilities, because they’re extremely dangerous. A good example is the Nurgling, a tiny but malevolent Daemon of pustule and contagion:

The horde usually consists of such small enemies with low individual HP, so successful AOE attacks are a good way to deal with them. But never underestimate the horde: they can rush you any time, and you won't have time to attack each enemy separately before they devour you. Keeping distance is something you should consider, and under no circumstance let the size of the enemies lull you into a fake sense of safety.

What are your strategies when dealing with such enemies? Do you use covers? Or do you try to kite them? Let us know in the comments!

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Unit Types: Horde
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6 years 112 days ago

Nice to have enemies with AI!

Mighty Snakefist will write a post about horde/boss balancing, which devs probably know already but still, because Horde is the exactly what could go wrong with difficulty scaling by multiplying with constant factor...