Unable to log into account


Hi team,

as writen in the title and description i'm right now unable to access my account for the e-mail [email protected]

I'm not sure which password i used when creating this account so i tried to use forgot password.
If i then enter the e-mail and do the captcha i simply get the message "Wrong email address!", which leads to the conclusion that i actually didn't register an account with that e-mail.

So, let's try and register a new account with this adress -> "The E-mail has already been taken."

So right now i'm in endless loop of trying to unlock my account, which i can't, cause the e-mail isn't in use, but i can't register an account for that e-mail because it is already in use.

In an desperate act i registered this account with an alternate e-mail, that i really don't wanne use.

Could you please check this issue and tell me how to unlock the account for [email protected]

Thx in advance and have a nice day

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Unable to log into account
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352 days ago

A password reset? You can reset it with this link if you so wish. Cheers!

352 days ago


thx for the info.

When i click this link (after logging out from this account) i get the message "Your account is already verified!"

So after that i try to get a reset e-mail but till now there is no e-mail (i already checked spam). 

352 days ago

Hi, in all likelihood it's due to the address not being verified. You can complete verification through this link

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