transfer items from steam to ps4


hi, im a comeback player, but this time i play at ps4, can i transfer my items from pc steam WH40k inquisitor to my ps4 WH40k inquisitor?

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transfer items from steam to ps4
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1 year 1 day ago

First, click on this icon in the upper left corner:

Then, scroll down until you see this:

clicking on this should pop up a chat window in the bottom right corner. There you can message me.

1 year 4 days ago
how to chat with support team?
1 year 4 days ago
Hello there, 

I can help you transfer characters, and with them their inventory (not your account stash though, only character specific inventories). Please message me your account details for both the PC and the PS4 through our website's support chat. Cheers!