to Devs - bugs in earlier games


Comment of my Day1, much-appraised review.

"You missed the part that the game is broken. unstable online part, corrupt saves and items, bad pathfinding. it depicts how the game could be, if properly patched...not the real game"

Reply, by one and only Mighty Snakefist:

"I've played game many hours *after* my review, and had exactly *one* bug, where my items disappeared (but Godlikes reverted in amount on resources they needed for creation). None corrupted items.

I've finished game several time with different characters and have fun with it.

Online COOP players are represending surprisingly vocal group, though I actually found only *one* open game, all other were locked. If it were up to me, that component would've been removed after VH1, since it caused 90% complaints on 10% of games.

After this time, my biggest complaint is not well balanced endgame (Inhuman difficulty could use balancing and there should be lots more Godlike items, some drop-only, some buyable).

"Perfect pathing" - well, I'm still waiting to see one. In any game."

A sad thing is that he, Mighty Snakefist, isn't quite sure of this! Well, everything WAS as written, but he hasn't started VH:FC (comments were about it) in quite some time. He *did* started Deathtrap and, sadly, there was only a blank screen. Repeatably. Rechecked everything, as you might expect from a beta-tester, still nothing.

Veryvery important bad publicity,  and there were other similar matters - better to 'relieve' some people from WH40k, even if it comes month or two later (don't get him wrong - he eagerly awaits it just like anyone else), then to get out WITH bugs (unavoidable) and REPUTATION that your company makes only buggy games, and doesn't support them afterwards.

Yours truly Wise and Powerful,

Mighty Snakefist

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to Devs - bugs in earlier games
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7 years 37 days ago

It's a VH:FC topic. People are complaining about bugs in last NeoCore game, and when someone with 1.7h or 5.6h of gameplay puts a review of major bugs that make the game unplayable (Mighty Snakefist skips it entirely and) it could mean something's really messed up on part of the systems. It's a bad advertisement and not just WH40k fans are looking forward to this, there's something like 18,000,000 aRPG fans disappointed by D3 (and several happy ones, usually related with devs by marriage or birth).

Things (widespread bugs) are not likely to be the same in Inquisitor, mainly due to a wise decision to have a large alpha test base. Still, a decision to purchase the game with easy-to-believe, bad reviews can mean fewer moneys, then less development, then... a vicious circle, and nobody wants that.

7 years 43 days ago

eh? why are people writing reviews on an alpha? or lack of maintenance comments? - Just highlights that people don't really understand what an alpha is. 

7 years 46 days ago

Thank you for your time. As usual, I only mean good for the game, and say my (sometimes unpleasant, but honest) opinion.

Usually, the sale of the previous games rises before new and shiny launch, because people want a preview. Right now, recent reviews are 'mixed' type, with "bugs" and "lack of maintenance" as major causes for thumbs down.

7 years 47 days ago
Thanks for your advice.

While we won't be able to relieve people from 40K as we are a small company, we have updates for our previous games planned.