Tips to raise PR ?


Hello there,

Melee Crusader here, using Relic Power Axe + Relic Suppression Shield (and several other Relics btw), reached rank 48 a few hours ago, got to PR1370 (iirc, at work atm :P).

Here's my question : any advice on how to raise PR fast ? I used to farm a lot of Uther's Tarot missions to get my Relics, it went out pretty well as I grabbed tons of them, but I still got a few slots "non-relic'd", and I ran out of Fate. So I try to do missions and stuff, even Warzone and Unholy Cathedral are going smoothly for now, but Fate is increasing sooooo slowly XD

Any way to redo main campain, without the need to reroll another char ? Like a NG+ maybe ? Maybe for a next update ?


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Tips to raise PR ?
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5 years 64 days ago

Don't know for high PR WZ, but the firsts I've done (up to battle 6 iirc, I know it's only the beginning, but my point is the same), I hadn't any problem dealing with them... I'll see how it goes with the following ones though :) MyMelee Crusader build is focused around Deflect+associated buffs with PowerAxe/Hammer (depends on what Relic I have at my disposal) + SuppressionShield. Got 70%Deflect +70%DmgBoost (from Perk) + Crisis Management + Inoculator +SupprRegen -60%Health +200%Dmg for 5sec upon consumption + various boosts from with HP below 50% (Dmg boost) + Digital Weapons.

I usually don't need Inoculator except for Elites/Bosses, I activate DigiWeapons+Inoculator to immediately go below 50% HP and get +200%+70%+50% Dmg+30%CritChance + 40% DmgReduction. Currently I don't know if I'll keep the SupprRegen component to add another Dmg boosting component....

For a NG+ option, it could be interesting with a lvlcap raise, and maybe having higher PR enemies + better Fate/Relic rewards... Dunno if viable, it was just an idea ^^ I just love playing stories in games, and I kinda liked this one ^^

Thanks for heads up though, I'll look into it ;)


The Wiwitcheur

5 years 64 days ago
A new game + with an Action - Hack&Slash game, it will be... strange. Very strange. But interesting, but strange.

The main problem with warzone is it’s for specifics builds (single target builds... it’s... complicated). But for sure it’s actually the best way to progress. And with warzone Battle Knight (mission cost 50) you could loot lvl50 warzone relics (better stats)

5 years 65 days ago
Thanks for tips, I'll do WZ as well then ^^ 

Btw, is there a time-limit to avoid crash due to too heavy ressources use on PS4 classic in Unholy Cathedral ? I've read it's around 20min on PC, any intel on such thing on PS4 ?

5 years 65 days ago

Thanks for your advice, I'll try to achieve high Influence on each systems :)

5 years 65 days ago

The best way to get relic's now is WZ, since they nerf'ed/fixed bug with EF's. Just have to spam 30+ WZ's. You get 2-4 per run. Fate/tarot's are pretty bad for gear now. Only good for level'ing.

To do story again you have to start another char. and can't see anything changing soon. But I am confused is it Fate you want or PR(gear)?

NC where not happy with the speed of gearing up so they decreased it, can't see it getting better.

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5 years 65 days ago

A good way to raise your fate points is to reach level 5 on each 5 systems. You get nice fate rewards and other things.

On your way, you might have to do very low level missions, with like +3000% damage lmao, fast missions, if you get some purple items worth the money and fate points when sold, and you'll get 10 fate points each time you finish a mission. You can get 100 fate points an hour ;)

If you reach level 5 each week with glory points, you get as well fate points.

In tarot missions, you can add a card to get some fate points back.

And for the type of relics you miss, use tarot cards to optimize the kind of item you'd like to loot. Not 100% guarantied though ^^

I hope it will help :)