Thoughts on Challenges etc, and why??


I have had a look at upcoming around the corner Season 7 of Malediction, and why Neocore? Why?

I am saying why because of the fact that you again, have added all the so-called Challenges that is included with each and every Season that comes. I mean, really, why?? I´m asking since, I qouls love to actually see some real, true Challenges given to us. Why not make some that actually IS hard to actually get done for once? Why are you always continuing the over and over and over again same darn "Challenges" every darn time? Look at these "Challenges" that says - Salvage 100 Items, Reach Level 20, Open a Seasonal Chest, Visit the Keeper, Complete X Random Missions, Complete a Void Crysade in X number of "ways", Socket a Shard, etc, etc..

Why Neocore, can´t you come up with more difficult and more rewarding Challenges as these and more? Come up with something that actually IS hard to do.

And I see this Ultra Rare Special Portrait Frame presented. Are you actually making it a CHALLENGE to obtain it this time, or is it gonna be like with the last one Special and Ultra Rare one. that could easily be obtained within the first 10 Levels?

I also took a look at some of the mechanics on the upcoming Season, and well, I do see some interesting Features, and some used before Features.

And the conclusion of it all... is... You Neocore needs to come up with more in-game Content, more interesting Features, more Game-Modes. Going as you are doing now, will, unfortunately, make the game dead over the longrun. Sorry, but that is just how it is.

I do not know if this is going to be taken into consideration or be listened to or whatever, and I do not know if any of you in Neocore is actually going to be listening to the Players and Fans, but something is in need of being done.

So many People have been saying this, they are screaming for it. Will you Neocore, actually listen before this game is totally dead?

When truth be told Neocore, this game could be a Gold mine for you.

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Thoughts on Challenges etc, and why??
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351 days ago
There´s a good chance, you be dissapointed.

Oh. Really? I already am you know. Did you sit down for an hour or two already and played the new season. I did, and oh boy, oh boy, I got so excited and joyed up, I could not believe it. No, seriously, I did not. Already have my so-called ULTRA FLASHY DASHY RARE Frame already. Yeah, right. I am ultra lucky. Not. Why bother with this thing at all, if not really gonna bother making some decent real stuff?

If Neocore keeps up this for very long time still, they are for sure going to lose Players. And Fans alike. Yeah, and that includes me.

You know very well, this is true, and not some BS I´m just coming up with.

Neocore still has this game, and they can still make HUGE amounts of both joy and money out of this. Seriously very bad of them not to make the most out of this, while they still actually have the chance of doing so. Because I am and would be very happy to dish out some cash for more and decent cool in-game content.

352 days ago

As far as I see it, the seasonal goals seems to be just a way to introduce new players to the system of the game. 

And yes, they are not challenges at all for veteran players.

For me ? I am OK with this. It would be painful if I have to put way TOO much effort to complete season. 

I do hope game could have more interesting content though.

 Some new boss, interesting item, or even new story about new fraction of enemies...... To me this game still has much potential to be better, and there's room for new content. Me and many others would be glad to pay, if they make it.

But again it's their commercial decision to make. We make our suggestions and complaints, the decison is theirs. Don't put too much hope in it, or there's good chance that you'll be disappointed.