Thorough Crusade GUIDE. Which one??!?!


Ok, LOTS and TONS of you have completed it already.

There are guides of how to do this and that on Steam, and this is best guide how to do it and all kinds of stuff. On Youtube even too.

I have followed X number of Guides on both Steam and Youtube. And STILL I have not completed this darn task yet, and it starts to really annoy me. Since the guides that I tried things, are even hints on some left out completely.

Can any1 actually give me a darn guide that WILL absolutely GIVE me the things I actually NEED?!

And don´t give me some guide that are supposed to go great, but where you are in need to also do the HOT PURSUIT Mission.

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Thorough Crusade GUIDE. Which one??!?!
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3 years 151 days ago
Ok, have figured out that I need to do each and every itty bitty little Mission for the Impeccable Crusade.

This one is one cranky little Challenge doing actually. Good it does not require doing within a time limit at least. But extremely annoying, if you don´t get past that just one or last Mission or forget that one tiny darn thing, and everything tends to be whopped up and you can just start from scratch. Again and again and again. This one and the Impeccable Crusade in my opinion is one of the MOST difficult, annoying and frustrating Challenges in this Season. And when you even manage to fail on THE LAST SUPREME Mission, then that just takes the cake. And if this Challenge pops up again to do on next Season, I´m in fact not sure if I even want to TRY doing it.

3 years 160 days ago
Regarding this one that is called Impeccable Crusade.

Does this involve doing each and every tiny lttle Mission that there is, in the entire Void Crusade Map + 1 of the Supreme Missions?

Or is it actually enough for you that you have each and every Key AND Info Fragment collected?

3 years 165 days ago
Thank you
3 years 168 days ago
3 years 168 days ago
And on this day, September the 7th, at around 10pm my time. After TONS upon TONS of gaming hours upon gaming hours of grinding, failures and frustration I can FINALLY!! almost with tears in my eyes, say, I did it.

I know, not a great deal for many of you, but for me, after all this time and frustration, it feels like I can breath a bit better again. Now I "only" need to do the Complete a FULL Void Crusade with ALL Fragments and ALL Keys. With some careful gaming and not all rush in mode, it should be possible for me as well to do this. Good thing with this I do not need to finish it within a time limit.

3 years 174 days ago
Ok, thx for giving me these tips, I will be looking into this combo with these Blades. Even though these are not within my main build, but guess it can help me out a bit. At least with these Missions that are +6 Lvls higher and consisting of Khorne. Because those are the mainly ones I´m having the most trouble with. I can make it, but if I am, I´m ending up being so extremely careful that it just ends up using tons of way more time then I usually should. I don´t wish to go too far away from my main build, and my main wishes for the whole Season.

But this thing you call Precog. What is Precog? Short for something?

I also understand that if I use these Blades you say, I will also lose my main Witchfire.

And which guide you follow for Viridian is unknown to me, when you say +7 and +8 Lvls higher. I am ONLY having +6 Lvls higher. And that is both for #14 and Supreme Mission.

I am using that specific Map, but for Mission movement on that Map, I´m using a completely different Guide.

3 years 176 days ago
Brother Kundari
Dude you're a psyker, just run precog and either belt item that gives you teleport or the aether blade 1H weapon and spam the attack that teleports you (fun fact, it ignores GCD so you can just spam non-stop).

And with precog, which is broken, you should be a teleporting invincible machine.  Idk why you would worry about movement speed, reflect chance/dmg, thats just going to be useless.

Viridian should be best, you can path it out to get no higher than +6 doing all the required missions and supreme at a +7 or +8.

3 years 177 days ago
Not sure how to actually use that page you linked me to, but at least I figured out what kind of items I can get these stats on, which were Main Implants, Inoculator, Psychic Focus and Signums in my case.

And yeah, lol, when you say How on earth is it possible for me to have such a big issue with this Challenge.

Ya, in fact I would believe it to be somehow easy, but I have BIG time issues with it, and to me personally it is the most frustrating of them all.

And Mission time in most cases for me (at least now) is everything between 1:30 and 4:30 minutes. Except of course the #14 Map on Viridian. That is also having a Info Fragment as well. So no way of not doing or going around it.

3 years 178 days ago
Brother Kundari

How are you having so much trouble with this I don't understand.. What kind of time are you doing each mission in, in general? Something like a hunt for example - ignore all enemies, run to target, kill it, on to next, repeat, exit mission. That's like 2 minutes at most. I don't know your build or whatever but something that helps me do some missions quicker is a weapon with "10th enemy explodes on kill", the explosion is ridiculous and will often clear whole rooms packed with enemies. 

Borogrove made a good thing for looking up possible enchants on items. I wish I could help but I dunno what you're doing wrong.

3 years 178 days ago
I figured out that also Viridian MAY be the better to run for the Info Fragments within 60mts too. But still I fail, and fail and utterly fail over and over again.

My Movement speed is very quick, but still feels like in some Maps I´m using more time then usual, then what should be normal.

My Resistances is FAIRLY good I guess. Could always be better, but what couldn´t?! in the big picture.

But now I come to the point of being really truly FED up. It doesn´t mean I will stop trying get the Challenge done, far from it, but man I´m FED up.

Guess I will have to run for some big time money (Geez, I´m spending LOTS of money for my Character) and then see if I can get some serious Reflect Chance and Reflect Damage put in. Not many items comes with these stats I discovered, but in the longrun I think it may just be the stat that will seriously see me through this F´d up Challenge, and also beyond. Will also make me stronger and being able to get lot more done regarding Damage output.

How it is now during the Viridian I am always failing against the Khorne on Mission #14. I may manage to get half the Mission done but always ends up failing anyway and it is always 6 Lvls higher then me. Khorne 6Lvls higher then me is quite simply just WAY too strong for me. 5 Lvls higher then me. No problem. 6? I get mopped.

I can go against Tyranids, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Nurgle and so on on even higher Lvls then 6 over me, and actually stand a chance against, but versus Khorne. Forget about it. 6 Lvls higher and up, I am getting completely WIPED.

Is there some kind of Guide around that shows what kind of items that may have the chance of having Reflect Chance in them or can be rolled for it? I discovered that usually the items that MAY have Reflect Chance stat on them/rolled on is Inoculators, Eye and Neural Implants. And likely some others too I´m not remembering.

3 years 181 days ago

I've just finally completed this and on a tech adept, to my surprise, since they're not exactly a bursty type of class that one shots whole clusters of enemies.

I did the Viridian map and followed the Rimstalker's guide. My final time was about 36 minutes, so plenty of time to spare to screw around in other missions - but I just wanted to get it over with and tick this checkbox. (To my surprise, the morality box dropped 4 morality relics, while I only did the bare minimum of missions - talk about RNG...)

My movement speed was very slow, only 15%. However, I compensated it with higher defense stats, to be able to run through groups of mobs without too much risk. Also, when you are on a hunt mission, a bit of extra defense and resistance is definitely more useful than movement speed when you're facing the bosses and their entourage, so I would probably go a bit more in favour of defense vs movement for such cases. But it looks like the challenge is doable even when your speed is very much on the lower side.

It's definitely helpful to ignore everything - including info fragments - until after you have done all the mission objectives and the mission completion pop-up appears. Then the timer stops and you can run around all you want and search for fragments or just loot stuff.

I found the mission #10 in the guide to be the hardest one by far, as it is +6 and is a purge mission, so you can't take any shortcuts and have to kill everything. It took me about 10 minutes, while the other mission were between 1-3 minutes each.

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3 years 195 days ago
Getting more Movement Speed also means getting rid of other useful tools. Oh well, guess it will improve and get btr with some time.

But will get it done one day. For sure. Even with ups and downs and (believe me) lots of frustration.

And everyone. Thx.

3 years 196 days ago
Ya, ok. Downvoting my post since last one. Oh well.

Anyway. Have unlocked a Perk since last post and it does give me more Movement Speed. In fact it gives me so much Movement Speed, that it may even be too much. One huge difference it makes.

Now I need to get used to this extra Movement of mine. It is one entirely different experience.

I thought I was kinda fast in my Movement, from earlier. Now I have doubled it, and then some.

Now I need to get my Speed under control.

3 years 197 days ago
Ok, now I know for sure what does it that I never ever makes it in time. I been doing so many now that there is just one thing that makes me bogged down. And that is Movement. Movement and MOVEMENT, and nothing more then Movement.

I quite simply needs TONS more of it. Or so it seems and feels at least.

Can some1 give me TONS of tips on BETTER, MORE, FASTER, QUICKER Movement, pls. So far I´m having around +30% Movement, and the one BOOSTER that gives me +30.

But far from enough. I need MORE.

Because the thing that happens now is ALWAYS when I gone through like 75% of the Void or so, I pretty much have just like 2-3 to 5 Missions left to do depending on what Void Crusade I´m in, and the times shows everything between 51 to 55-56 Minutes. This is always the case. Which is always going to put me just over failure. All the time.

And yes, I´m always in need of getting 1-2 Info Shards too to get.

Playing Psyker. Any good advice to give me, and which items preferably to get +move on?

Good thing I only need it for this one Challenge though. But this whole thing begins to tear on me now. Seriously.

3 years 200 days ago
I´m tired of not making it, after many times tried. But the Season is far from over. And many a Challenge is yet to be done. And Caius Thorne will peptalk me many more times, and one day I will say, finally.
3 years 200 days ago
Brother Kundari

You might not care to hear from me again, but what more can anyone help apart from showing maps with info marked and even a suggested order of missions?

Even with 13 missions that's about 4 and a half minutes per mission, with many being able to do in half that, giving you more time for the longer ones.  Might not be the most efficient I don't know, but it worked for me, with like 15-20 minutes left over.

3 years 200 days ago
Not anything/anyone else?

Guess it is also practice as well. If I could improve almost every Mission I go with around 30secs, I guess that will help immensely.

At least I can´t give up. That´s just stupid. And way too early.

3 years 201 days ago

No, you´re right. That AMber is not very good no. That was the one I actually tried to follow doing Thourogh Crusade on Tier 3, but it isn´t very easy doing under 60mts.

I´m sure this is actually better when doing the Challenge on Tier 4. Complete it all on Hard. Because that is not required to be done in less then 60mts.

3 years 201 days ago
Posted by Lankester 3 years 201 days ago

Do the Amber VC. Here you have a very good guide

Only one +5 , +4 and +3 mission. I actually used it to get three challenges in one run: hardcore mode, thorough crusade and legendary crusade.

Ah, nvm, it wasn't thorough crusade that I did, it was a different challenge. Disregard my post.

(why is it not possible to edit posts?!)

3 years 201 days ago

Do the Amber VC. Here you have a very good guide

Only one +5 , +4 and +3 mission. I actually used it to get three challenges in one run: hardcore mode, thorough crusade and legendary crusade.

3 years 201 days ago
Brother Kundari

I think Ivory is more missions but I seem to remember quite a few of them being missions you can do fast like sabotage , hunt, demonic incursion etc. So I made up time for the extra missions there. And all the info were in obvious places. Might depend what class you are too, I did with crusader, if you're tech adept idk it might be harder to deal with things as fast.

This seems like best order, 10+11 will be +6 but everything else is unlocked lower than that

3 years 201 days ago
Ok, could always try to go for Ivory, but that Map was not the best ones imho, also seems to be quite a few Missions you need to do in order to be able to open Secret/Covert Missions in order again to be able to reach the ones that keeps the Infos. Seems to me like some of the Infos is located within the Covert Ones. And absolutely no order in which way to go, there is.

Viridian is okish, as long as I follow the newer Guide on Steam written by that English/German dude, up until the point you come to #8, that is. Of course he forgot to include the #17 Mission from the Viridian Guide (which he is referring to), and in what order when to actually do it.

Amber: Sigghh, it sucks really. Unless i am the one that sucks. I am always 1hr and some seconds or just a few minutes over, and by then I sit left as usually with 2 Missions. 1 Regular with INFO, and of course the Supreme Mission.

It drives me F´ng nutz to not be able to just get it F´ng done this Challenge. It is THE ONLY 1 I have left to do in Tier 3. Done that, and I´m straight to Tier 4.

And fast? Of course I know I have to be fast. I usually do normally a Mission in 2-4 mts. Some Missions require more work, but you get the picture. I go as fast as I can. At lesat I THINK I am. But even so, it doesn´t feel lilke I go fast enough. Sometimes.

3 years 201 days ago

I think I did it on Ivory, I've seen others say Amber is easier, and it probably is looking at it.  There's plenty of maps with all the missions that have the info fragments marked. In general terms, get as much movement speed as possible - some missions you can run though in less than 30 seconds, like a sabotage for example, you don't even need to kill anything just hit the targets and run to the next.

This isn't full up to date but it has the Ivory and Amber ones marked

What order to do the missions in is up to you, whatever keeps it at the lowest level.