Thorough Crusade challenge with tech adept


The Thorough Crusade challenge seems a bit too overtuned for the tech adept. Certainly for a tier 3 challenge it is a massive hurdle for the TA, it would appear. Even the tier 5 Legendary Crusade would be easier than beating the 60m timer with a slow, methodical class (with very underwhelming AI minions) like the TA.

I've decided to give it a try, but am nowhere near the objective. Granted, I am not yet at max level and my build is not fully optimised. However, I do have mostly ancient relic / archeotech gear with three doctrines slotted in and destruction amplification active. I also got the astartes summon from Rebus for this VC attempt.

Now I'm at 45 minutes of my Ebony VC attempt (seems to be the fastest VC to do this challenge) and with some 5 missions remaining, all +7-8 and more at this point.

I can perfectly see doing this on my psyker main. But with TA, it just doesn't look realistic at all...

Edit: just to add that I obviously ignore as much of the regular mobs and bosses as possible, rush to the objectives and teleport out as soon as the mission complete pop up appears - no unnecessary detours or fighting.

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Thorough Crusade challenge with tech adept
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3 years 216 days ago

I haven't tried Amber yet, but did a little experiment with the Viridian VC. This one seems to have the shortest path to all the info fragments - based on the Steam guide it should take nine missions (not counting the supreme one).

However, again after doing some 45 minutes, I just don't see this happening on a TA. Not only are the post-patch bosses on higher difficulties horrendous bullet sponges that take way too long to kill, your constructs don't inherit any of your buffs (like the destruction amplification, for example), making it even less realistic. Even with three kastelan minions, 100% HP / 100% damage doctrines, anything tankier with heavy armour and such will take forever to kill.

Not to mention the good old bugs, like bosses resetting their health occasionally (I think it's mostly the renegade commander mini boss that does that) or the game randomly duplicating a boss - which is basically the end of any timed TA attempt on a high level hunt mission. You will spend five minutes just killing such bugged duo as spawned in my mission.

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3 years 219 days ago
I have TA and found the Amber VC was much easier than Ebony. The cogitators are close to the beginning point and you don't have to run around unlocking missions while gaining level increases. Good luck!