The return of the king - bug + fight blocked


In mission return of the king, when you interrupt the ritual :

- caintigern is listed twice in your team on the left (2 portraits)

- after 1 round, during enemy's turn, nothing happens (their turn never ends)

The return of the king - bug + fight blocked
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1 year 338 days ago
I reloaded a save game pre mission, then went in again, but this time I’ve rushed the main objective (dodging the encounters with the villagers and Caintigern tribesmen) and it worked ! Still a bug, but at least I’m not blocked anymore
1 year 339 days ago

Exactly the same situation here. Tried to speed up the combat (holding space), but it didnt change anything. Also tried a different party position for Caintigern (since her "double" appear in the last spot), still bugged.

1 year 340 days ago
and caintigern doesn't follow the team any more just after you save the villagers in same mission (before interrupting the ritual), but she is still listed in the team