The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 4?


90% of aRPG's right now, are pure garbage. I have a blast again by replaying Final Cut, yet still nothing else worth to invest time & money. Bored of Grim Dawn,PoE, etc, and i'm 100% sure, Diablo IV, will be a micro-transaction hell,with classes/content locked behind Blizzard's typical paywalls. Torchlight III, too much childish,same as 1 & 2.. But Van Helsing it's one of it's kind, and addictive, even at 10th time of replaying. Everything was/are still great,be it environments,atmosphere,voice acting,quests,skills,etc. Everything else failing at the moment. Warhammer Chaosbane...just pure trash. Bought and refunded exactly after 30 mins. Wolcen Lords of Mayhem,same. Broken and just repetitive without end game content, and feels just like a small dungeon crawler,without good maps,enemy variety,interest characters etc. So, since Neocore has great improvements lately (Warhammer: Inquisitor, great one too, but i'm old school style, shields/swords/magic,etc),  perhaps the time has come for a brand new Van Helsing?

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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 4?
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3 years 327 days ago
I wholeheartedly agree on everything you said except for Grim Dawn (even though you said you were just bored, not that it sucked) Grim Dawn and TQ I can always go back to and fully enjoy them over and over, start to finish.  I think what makes V.H. stick out so much is the amount of Humor and quality voice acting it brings to the game.  Sometimes the TD maps and the sending of captains out on missions portion of the game gets on my nerves, but still a damn good game to roll through anytime.
3 years 345 days ago
For some reason, you did not mention Titan Quest for some reason.

Still to this date, one of the finest there ever been.

3 years 350 days ago
I would love an MMO in this setting, it would be unique, the classes would be refreshing too, and like you say, THE WRITING would set it apart.
3 years 360 days ago
Definitly. I have the same problem: nothing new to play. Replayed Van Helsing Final Cut twice already. And I am ready for Van Helsing 4:). Althought, I think NeoCore would have to reinvent it - third part seemed a bit forced (still good, but...).