Terrible/confusing/inconsistent and stuttery performance


I have played this game on my old PC maybe a year after the game released and can't remember any problems with stuttering. First time i downloaded and played this game on my current PC (AMD Ryzen7 3700x, Radeon RX6900XT, 32GB RAM) everything was fine. All the settings were maxed out, buttery smooth 144FPS no matter what was on the screen. So i was happy.

The next day i opened the game, it was a stuttery mess out of nowhere, no settings have been changed and i was getting 20-60 FPS, but the STUTTERS! The stutters made it feel like 2-6FPS. I could literally see the logos and the video on the start up stutter.

So i did a little digging on google, found people with similar issues on steamcommunity, reddit and here on the forums.

Many of them found fixes for the stutters but none of them worked for me. the only somewhat helpful things were v-sync and lowering shadow details. that got me 60-144 FPS but the stuttering wasn't gone. Game looks kinda smooth with a stutter here and there but that’s only on the ship, the moment i go on a mission and start killing things stutters increase, the fps counter from steam overlay still shows 100+ frames but the stutters make it so much worse.

I did everything i could that worked for others, preferred graphical settings, GPU/CPU priorities, core setups, frame blending, reinstalled game 3 times, repaired something in the CMD console, sync cpu and gpu(this only made things worse as my CPU is much older and the GPU) but nothing worked.

I see these stutters are persistent ever since the game launched and i guess they will never be fixed. If this happened to me on my old PC where i was happy for a 30fps game i wouldn’t mind it. But now with this PC that can run other games on 60 - 144 fps with a 10% MAX frame drops and no stutters, i can only consider this game barely playable. Which is a shame cause i love Diablo style games and i love Warhammer 40k. Now im just forcing myself to play this game in this state and i don't think i can keep forcing myself much longer.

If you can think of any possible fix for the stutters that i haven't mentioned i would like to give them a try. Just not getting my hopes up.

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Terrible/confusing/inconsistent and stuttery performance
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117 days ago
I saw a couple of players fixing the stuttering by disabling Steam overlay. Could you please give it a try?