Tech-Priest Hot Pursuit Mission


I've googled 'tech-priest hot pursuit' because I cannot figure out a way to complete this mission and I've found one or two posts from 2019 that said tech-priests are unable to complete it.  Is this still the case? Has anyone here done it and how did you do it? It's really frustrating that it blocks a pathway that I'd like to choose.

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Tech-Priest Hot Pursuit Mission
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3 years 210 days ago

Wow. Never though that this mission gives such a problems to others.

It's painfully easy to complete it. (one you understand what the mission is about and how it works)

1) Do not use any AOE explosion stuff, so that the exploding mobs won't kill the target.

2) Just run through enemy mobs after the target.

3) Once you see him just target him with the mouse pointer than hit and hold  the "5" button on keyboard untill the teleportation ends

4). Mission done. Probably ~40sec tops.

You dont have to stun the target, you dont have to damage the target, you dont have to constantly run after the target if the process of teleportation starts. Once he is close to you just point the mouse and hit and hold the "5" button. The teleportation sequence starts and you should do nothing else than hold the "5" button untill it ends. Simple as that.

The problem is that usually the target is clustered with other mobs and you can kill him quite easily if your not watching what you are doing, but to be honest - it's a pursuit - not a purge.

Also , at least the Kastelan robots, do not target the mission target.

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3 years 211 days ago
Well, anyway how you look at this Mission or having it when doing it or how it is experienced, there is one thing that this Mission in my opinion needs:

And that is a rethink, and a makeover of things, and a good testing run. I want this Mission to be doable by all Classes and no matter how players prefer to play and HAVE things attached, they will know there are at least a fair chance to be able to actually fulfill the Mission criteria.

Because how it feels now is: WARNING, WARNING, Unless you are having a SUPERFAST dude, and some serious equipment attached, before entering Mission, you will NOT have a SLIGHT chance of completing your task.

3 years 211 days ago

When I did this mission in my VC attempt some two weeks ago, I ran it with 2 Kastelans and 2 Kataphrons (2 ranged + 2 melee).  I was close to the target, he was trying to run away from me (naturally), I shot him with Plasma Caliver Alpha in an attempt to slow or stun him, then my minions obliterated him. 

As I was desperately pressing the extract target button, I briefly saw the tiny text warning me not to kill the target and then it was mission failed for me. Ruined an otherwise perfect VC run.

Perhaps add a ton more health to this guy? So that we can extract him even if the construct keep kicking his posterior?

One additional suggestion: change the mechanics to a large ground based target reticle that will appear automatically once we're in the vicinity of the target, will follow him and will gradually zoom in on him as it 'focuses the teleport'. No interact button needed, the player just needs to stay in target's vicinity for the target mechanics to lock in on the fugitive.

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3 years 211 days ago
I completed it with my TA recently.

It is doable, you need to hover the mouse over target and hit 5 till it finishes capture. (all the time your mouse should be pointing to the target)

3 years 211 days ago
We have to re-think this mission then. Thank you everyone for your feedback!

What I'm not sure about yet whether the constructs do harm the fugitive or not. They should NOT and we recently ran a few tests based on similar reports but to no avail. Can anyone confirm that their constructs kill the fugitive and if yes all type of constructs attack them? We will also do check this.

3 years 211 days ago
This mission is very poorly balance no matter who you play anyway.
3 years 212 days ago
Brother Kundari
it always stops running and attacks me when I get too close and kindly waits for me to transport him to the ship. but my crusader is a tough bastard who can take the hit from all other enemies while channeling thats why I said stun mines to stun both target and the enemies around you.
3 years 212 days ago
Posted by MeToLee 3 years 212 days ago
try stun mines or something that thing works wonders on that green bar.
What does it help, if you can´t even catch up on him? Even with such a mine, you need to catch up enough to him to be able to actually throw it, when you can see him.

One second is enough to stop, for him to move way ahead of you. Man, he is fast.

And where I wrote  I still just seem to actually understand it. It should of course be included a NOT.

3 years 212 days ago
Brother Kundari
try stun mines or something that thing works wonders on that green bar.
3 years 212 days ago
Hhmmm, okee. So what you are actually supposed to do, os as followoed:

1. Run like crazy, catch up on him and IMMOBILIZE or STUN him.

2. Or, as some say, that you can... "Sneak up on him" or even "Freeze him" Lol

3. Now you should "just" hit the button 5 and you both whisks away and Mission done.

You know what? I will just continue to simply stay away from this Mission, because you could say even with this "explanation", I still just seem to actually understand it.

In order to just be able to "GET" to him you need to be running faster than some of the best athletes in the world. Preferably better. You THEN need to be sure to make him incapable to do ANYTHING. It THEN remains to ACTUALLY beam him away with you to complete Mission. And in some cases you need to be able to prevent your Minions to completely and utterly destroy him.

Cmon. Seriously, even with an explanation of how to actually do this Mission, it STILL doesn´t make sense. Whatsoever.

Can people actually UNDERSTAND a statement like this?!

Even a little KID can understand and see that this Mission needs a serious makeover.

It even makes me feel like writing a "Guide", which I should call: Void Crusades you should STAY AWAY from, since you will encounter Hot Pursuit Missions here. have a HUGE Warning sign attached to the Guide. Lol.

3 years 213 days ago
there is no option to destroy your summons ? 
3 years 216 days ago
Brother Kundari
I concur. Even after actually completing this mission several times on my crusader and psyker, I still avoid it. It's just badly designed.

The target is very fidgety and unless you have a way to stun or otherwise immobilise him, there is a good chance he will move and screw up your attempt. I remember this happening to me once on my crusader during a high level void crusade mission, the target moved several times, I got overrun by mobs and failed the mission.

The most recent try was on my seasonal TA during an otherwise perfect VC campaign, this was a secret mission and of course my constructs completely destroyed the dude before I could extract him - mission failed.

So I just stay away from hot pursuit and won't touch it even if they paid me...

3 years 216 days ago
Thanks for that lol , I never thought to try that key I was just hitting "interact" on him.. Sorry can't help with your issue.
3 years 216 days ago

I'm playing on PC. You must get to the target as fast as possible - he is marked on the map as soon as you are teleported in. Once you get to him, use the World skill button ('5' on PC) to teleport him out alive. He does not want to go so you'll have to be inventive with your skills and gear to either hold him in place, sneak up to him,  or isolate him - all while not killing him. Once teleported, the mission ends. On the assassin there is an armor that has a time-freezing/slowing element. You can use it on him even with hordes of 'bad guys' crowded around and he is easily captured. I've never played any other character so I don't know how they would do it. Hope that helps.

3 years 216 days ago
Brother Kundari

I must confess I do not know how to complete this missions either, as a crusader never mind a tech adept.   I think you're supposed to keep him alive or something, but I have run through everything, found the fugitive, killed everything around him, and then he just remains in the same room as I found him, shooting at me.  Can't click on him or whatever you supposed to do, I don't know.  He just stays there and nothnig happens and then after a while I just shoot him in the face and that's a fail.  

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3 years 216 days ago
To me this Hot Pursuit means. Avoid at all costs. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, try to run these kinds of Missions. It does not matter what kind of Class you are playing.

With that said. What I really mean, is this: Sorry, but I do not understand the slightest bit of what you are actually going to do on this kind of Mission. I have never, ever got far enough into this Mission to actually fully understand it. When I try to actually do this, I usually start at the beginning, running through 2-4 rooms, and then the Mission ends as failure.

And this is ALWAYS happening and to me this is just EXTREMELY confusing. There was one single time, I actually caught up with this "fugitive" or "runner", then I started to hit him, and then he suddenly just teleported away and vanished, and again Mission was a complete failure.

So you see, to me all this Mission here is just Confusing, and it is a destroyer of my natural in-game Crusade progress.

I did once try to ask here on the forum WHAT ARE YOU ACTUALLY GOING TO DO with this Hot Pursuit, but there were none who ever responded and actually explained what you are going to do. So to me, it is just CONFUSING and AVOID. Since I don´t understand shit of it.

3 years 217 days ago
In my very limited experience with TA + hot pursuit (normally I avoid hot pursuit as much as I can), my constructs killed the target before I could complete the mission. I'm not sure if there is a technical issue blocking these missions on TA, but dumb construct AI would probably count as one...