Tech-Adept's construct weapon damage bug after LV100



One player (@Leieisw,  on steam) recently found that, the Base Damage increase of construct weapon after lv100 could only be buffed by the TA's Logic Attribute, but NOT damage buff from Psalm Doctrine or passive skill trees.

He kindly gave me the test details below.

We believe this is a serious bug and hope there could be a fix in future.

Thanks !


Test details (how to reproduce the bug)

Test 1:

The TA characters : remove all perks, passive skills and equipments that give buff to construct damage. Leave the logic attribute as 10 points.

The constructs:  Psioli Combustor with Lv100 and Lv123 weapons (autogun).

Mission Level: Same as character.

Results:    Lv100 weapon: 147 damage each hit. Lv 123: 400 damage.

As we understand it, Lv 123 weapon gives 230 more base damage than Lv100 weapon. 

253 = 230*(1+10%), we take this as proof that the Logic Attribute is working normally (gives 10% damage buff).

Test 2:

The TA characters :  Same as before but now distribute skill points to all passive skills we could find that gives damage buff. The characters also have the perk that gives 8% damage increase for each construct.

We estimate these would sum to 180% damage increase with 15 combustors. (Proved below)

The constructs:    Same as before.

Mission Level: Same as before.

Results:    Lv100 weapon: 412 damage each hit. Lv 123: 665 damage.

For Lv100 weapon, the damage was correct, just as we expect it : 412≈411.6 = 147 * (1+180%)

But the Lv123 weapon was not.The damage difference was still 665-412 = 253, which is proof the base damage increase from weapon LV was NOT enjoying the 180% damage buff from passive skills and perk.

There are further similar tests that shows this part of damage is not buffed by psalm doctrine.

For players, leveling construt weapons after LV100 would mean very little , before these bugs get fixed.

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Tech-Adept's construct weapon damage bug after LV100
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348 days ago
hey, yeah, this seems to be a lingering issue. I'll bump it up for the devs. Cheers!
349 days ago
Hi,  any news about this issue?  Has this been confirmed at dev's side 
1 year 154 days ago
Noted, I will have the tester team run a few tests on the constructs. Thanks!
1 year 154 days ago


New tests show a number of (but not all) item enchants on the character could not buff the base damage after lv100.

The estimated damage equation at our side:

Final damage of construct = base damage * (logic attribute buff + damage buff against specific type of enemy) * (physical/heat damage buff for construct + range/melee damage buff for construct + damage buff for specific type of construct weapon)

We currently believe the enchants that gives damage buff against specific type of enemy is working, but NOT the physical/heat and melee/range damage enchants.

In a word, a through check is needed.