I have been playing as a seasonal Character the Tech Adept for the first time. And I have found several weird behaviors of Enchants , Perks and Constructs, that I guess are bugs.

First, none of my Constructs do Critical hits, it doesn't matter how much Critical hit chance I stack, they never Crit. This means I cant properly use the whole Critical Hits Skill Tree, because the only thing affected by my Crit Chance is my own weapon hits with ranged or melee weapons. And as a summoner Class I mostly do damage by Constructs, so I think they should be included. This also leads to the problem that I cant utilize Enrage Tokens, because I get them on Crit hit and only my Adept weapon can do it so they deplete too fast because of my Constructs hit rate, and the Enrage token on kill is useless as well because the kill rate to hit rate by constructs isn't in good proportion, so they deplete instantly.

Second, Enchants for example on my weapon 8.6% to deal double damage and gain HP for that amount seems only to effect my own weapon damage not my Constructs, I know there are many enchants that clearly mention Constructs so I know it will work or not, I think the other enchants should have a mention behind them if they include constructs or not, or be reworked that all effect constructs and the tech adept. Im also not sure if Bleed and Fear chance on hit effect my constructs or not.

Third, Perks like Keen Fury that increases my Crit chance and Strength on kill only affects kills by my Adepts gun , so every kill by my Constructs which do most of my damage don't count. Which clearly seems wrong, and makes this Perk and similar others completely pointless. I also wondering if Perks like Grinder which increases my damage by 66% but disables Crits also only affects my gun or also my constructs? 

All in all it is very confusing and hard to build solid Builds around it, some stuff works some doesn't, and I have to Trial and Error my way trough it. Just wanna give my Feedback and tell you guys what I've encountered, and hope this awesome Class can be refined and be played as it should.

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