Tech Adept Summon Cooldown Issue


On my 88 Tech Adept I had a 2 second cooldown for the Vivisectors. After Patch it's 6 seconds. Just to see if it was a new minimum I reset my Movement Skill tree where I had 7.5% of general CDR. No change. Looking around in the Construct Specialization I found 2 points to spend on -5% (Total -10%) Summoning Cooldown Reduction. Still 6 Seconds. Has there been a change to Construct Summon Cooldowns?

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Tech Adept Summon Cooldown Issue
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3 years 26 days ago
I looked on the bug report page but didn't see it because I really wanna put my 2 cents in. Have they recognized this? Are they working on it?
3 years 44 days ago
I can confirm this is a bug. I have reported it in the bug tracking system. No cooldown reduction works on tech-adept summons.
3 years 63 days ago
I think I already sent you a reply in a private message but I will drop my answer here too if someone else is also concerned about the CD changes:

The Global CD reduction soft and hard caps have been changed; to 40% for soft cap and 60% for hard cap, respectively. This affects the cooldown of the Vivisectors as well.

3 years 68 days ago
@marcopolocs This is affecting Kataphron Vanguard and Destroyer too. Cooldown reduction has no affect on Summon Cooldown, even Summon cooldown reduction doesn't even reduce it.