Tech-Adept Feedback (Road to 90+)




I'll tryto make this as short and on the point as possible as I do not intendto write an essay but give my honest experience with the new classand its implementation.  


1.Skill/Enchant/Modifier Clarity:  

Aside ofthe obvious bugs as of now, where enchantment descriptions simply arenot complete there are a few issues regarding Constructs that shouldbe fixed. For example that some stuff uses the description Automatainstead, I guess some legacy of the design process that wasn'tfleshed out until the release.

Certaindescriptions of Skills leave players wondering, what they actuallyrefer to. For Example Binaric Sacrament from the Construct OffenseTree. Does it refer to reserve used? Reserve free? Voltaic Communionof the of Construct Specialization makes it sound like its the first,though even that utilizes a vastly different wording than the generic-5% Data Flux Cost node as that does not even use the term Reserve inthe first place. Pretty much ANYTHING related to “reserve” isquite unclear as it only comes up with Constructs having a ReserveCost but otherwise our Resource is most often merely addressed asData-Flux.


This trendgoes on an on with Item Enchantments that have the Discord Channelwondering what they are about, if they work and what not.


2. UIClarity:  

Makingthis issue worse is the fact that we have a very limited UI for yourConstructs and some stuff doesn't even show up or change the values.This is already an issue for the regular player character UI but withthe Constructs it got even worse.


3.Constructs Itself:  

I love petclasses in ARPGs so this Addon being focused around that new classgot me back into the game. I am not lying, the first steps intoTech-Adept are a bit rough as your Pets are Trash at the start. Thisgets better though once you start unlocking stuff etc. 

This iswhere the problems then start again though.  

Constructsas of now simply are not viable for endgame. Granted I may not havefound the perfect item with the rare enchant that would makeeverything easier, not even sure if that exists, but getting intoendgame should not be dependant on that in the first place. It shouldbe the reason why you bother with endgame in the first place. 

That beingsaid, Constructs simply start to suck. I can't verify my suspicion aswe don't even have proper tool-tips for the construct abilities totell us what they are even doing or what keywords (like armorpiercing) they have, or better don't have.  

Butobservations while playing tell me, they don't have much.   

Comparedto the Tabletop those Bots are carrying some of the most devastatingweaponry regarding the entire arsenal available to any Class inInquisitor. Granted I don't want them to be op, but I want themviable. Especially in regards to the Melee Fists there seems a bitissue. While stuff like armor breaking or vulnerability can be arguedfor or against on something like the Phosphor weaponry, these Fistsare probably the most lethal thing in the entire game if we comparethem to how they operate in the Tabletop. I get that this is noperfect comparison, but stuff is supposed to operate somewhat like itis supposed to in the fluff. And these fists are designed to threatenSuper-Heavy Vehicles and Walkers like an Imperial Knight. Yet in thegame they utterly lack any armor piercing and its a joke watching aKastelan wail on some trash mob that got heavy armor from a missionmodifer. Its more of a joke when you have to abadon that missionbecause none of your constructs can even deal ANY damage whatsoever.While you dedicate ANY resource of your build in making themstronger.   


And thatis another issue. I get that Tech-Adepts have only access to alimited amount of trash weapons that only serve to have summon skillsanyway. But this is also the problem. Its not like our characters canstep into the breach and suddenly carry the entire mission becauseour anti-tank fists dont pierce armor. We can't just suddenly turninto a crusader, ignore our now useless constructs and be the boss.We have shitty weaponry because we are supposed to have good pets. Wedont.

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Tech-Adept Feedback (Road to 90+)
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4 years 341 days ago

I stopped trying to make the bots good and went back to full ranged with the arc rifle. Use saw bots as distraction.

4 years 341 days ago

Sadly I salvaged a few Items and their enchant descriptions so this list is not complete, Ill add one of which I believe the Description to be not complete though.   


- Galvanic Booster (Construct Defense)

Should mention that it seems to cap regardless of how much HP that construct has. Not sure if this is intended and the description is just incomplete or if this is a bug.

- Binaric Sacrament (Construct Offense)

With this we get one of the most common issues in regards of ability descriptions as it is quite unclear how we should interpret the reserve angle.

"+1% Damage for every 5% of current Reserve to Constructs"

Given I have a 40% of Data-Flux reserved by a constructs. Does current Reserve refer to the actual reserve occupied or the reserve that is free? Its quite problematic as reserve is only really a mechanic if we have the corresponding Automata. So do my constructs get 8% or 12% additional damage?

Most other unclear enchants or skill description do include reserve in some way and the big question is: Occupied or Free reserve?
Also some stuff still References Automata instead of Constructs. (Like Archeotech Constructs Perk)

In regards of the Second Point:

The UI for constructs is quite limited in regards of what information we have. We don't see their resistances etc. and don't see if there is a cap on resistances like there is for the player character and how close we are. Given the items we can equip this would be rather important to actually get some decent overview.

Furthermore we don't see what kind of keywords the Skills of the Constructs have. Granted I believe they have none as of now, they might get some with future rebalancing which is IMHO required. Stuff like Armorpiercing etc. so we can actually compare the Constructs in regards of their skills, the Cooldowns etc. For example we do have an Item Enchant that improves the self-destruct damage of the corresponding skill, yet nowhere do we even see how much damage that is in the first place. Keep in mind some skills already do mention some effect in their description but I would very much prefer a UI that was in line with how skills are displayed on our own weaponry. Just knowing the base damage of the Construct tells us pretty much nothing in regards of what weapons we want to equip and compare, just like the regular base damage on a player character can have tremendously different effects given the actual skills of our weapons.

4 years 341 days ago
May I ask is there any description which you find unclear? We will correct them all!

Would you be more specific on the 2nd point? 

The rest has been forwarded to our designers, they will look into this!

4 years 341 days ago
Yep, its the same problem. It gets even worse if you play a Tarot Mission with EVERY mob having Armor or even Heavy Armor. You simply watch as those anti-tank fists do literally nothing.
4 years 342 days ago
iam actualy lvl 50. and i have an ordo mission that is impossibel for me. i have the panelty that i can make only damage ABOVE 200. it was an hunt mission for the dark eldar. and the bosses i cant make damage because nothing make damage on an boss with heavy armor over 200. is that on lvl 90 too?
4 years 343 days ago
Yea, the Itemization is very limited in regards of boosting your pets. But I partially guess that this is due to Items not having class specific rolls other than renamig the Attributes and Class Resource. Overall it limits gearing a Techpriest quite a lot.   


As for no crits, I guess that it is intentional as we have nothing that refers to constructs and crits. If they were supposed to be able to crit I guess we would have that in the offense tree for example.

4 years 344 days ago
hi there and sorry for the bad english^^

yes, the constructs have not many option to incrase there damage. i wondering about that. in van helsing i played the pet char too and there you have on the mostly items you get an enchant to incrase the damage from the conbstructs or defence.   i miss that here for the tech adept.

more damage for the tech adept weapon dont realy intresting me. i looking for items that increase the power of my minions.

and is it right that the constructs not make one crit?

4 years 344 days ago
That being said I think its also important to tell you that aside of these mechanical issues I have come to love the Tech-Adept as I have a mechanical pump for the AdMech and certain gimmicks like Kastelans not getting destroyed but just damaged are awsome nods to the Fluff and the Kind of Beasts these Bots are supposed to be. While the Post may sound quite negative, its merely intended as a feedback to stuff that might need some fixing for something that otherwise is awsome.