Tech Adept and Multiplayer


I've been reading that its not possible to start new characters and play together as a Tech-Adept. They start in a different part of the campaign?? A lot of the posts I'm reading are over 2 years old though so maybe this has changed? I started my first character as Tech-Adept and didn't even know that it started in the new expansion (Prophecy). I ended up completing the older campaign parts instead of the Prophecy campaign

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Tech Adept and Multiplayer
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134 days ago
You can't participate in the original campaign bc the Tech Adept has its own line BUT you can do everything that isn't related to main story campaign together. (I think there is a merger of the story for Prophacy but from start to getting the Alpha Patiah I think is different) they haven't changed it but you can play online together just not main missions.