Tarot missions not free for me!


I've tried for the last 3 days but each time it cost me fate, so much for the "free fate missions"

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Tarot missions not free for me!
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5 years 139 days ago

Xbox. Shaping.

It was in groups that it was costing,

 lost about 400 fate, but now, once I hit level 70 it is again costing fate and this time it got me for 600ish fate before I realised

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5 years 143 days ago

Tarot missions should be free of charge for the time being. We could not reproduce the issue, as we checked Tarot missions do not deduce Fate points. May I ask on what platform are you playing and what option did you use while creating missions? You used the Divination option or the Shaping?

5 years 144 days ago
Tarot missions were free for me when I leveled to 80. No missions drop Fate now

5 years 145 days ago
No, it is not free for you, not for me, not your miss, not your bro, not for anyone.