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Tarto cards Martyrdom and Insanity you can`t lvl up the system wont autoadd tarot cards from drop the tarot cards mount 0/10 the rest cards have 1-20/50 the add system won`t autoadd tarods cards to Martyrdom,Insanity r not so importad cards for me but I think I`m not the only one with this problem

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Tarot Cards
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3 years 216 days ago
Would you be more specific how you meant 'last reward'. You refer to the 'Excellent Glory Reward'?
3 years 218 days ago
Another bug since the patch 2.0 the Glory reward last reward you can`t recive it I have weekly glory 12004/800 and the last reward I won`t receive it only the last reward the rest I receive

3 years 218 days ago

We fixed the issue internally, the next patch will bring the changes! Thanks for the report anyway!