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The targetting system is bugged for me since the last patch. Before, it sometimes (or often) did not target the thing I wanted to aim at - but at least it targetted something. Now it often targets nothing at all, even if the closest enemy is nearly in combat range. It´s terrible for me since I am playing an assassin with a sniper rifle as main weapon. I can stand directly in front of an enemy who is peppering me with bullets and still can´t attack him.

Does anyone else have this problem?

And could something please be done  about this? It´s kinda ruining the game for me.


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Targetting system
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5 years 276 days ago
Apparently some maps are worse than others when it comes to bad auto targeting. I'm playing a heavy bolter Crusader and while there were problems with the targeting since the patch I could manage (having a way higher power rating than the mission helps). Yesterday I played the mission "Retake the Command Centre" and it was awful! The absolutely worst map as far as auto targeting goes.

I noticed several things on this map (and also on others but it was the most obvious there):

- Despite standing next to an enemy my character preferred to shoot at a nearby mine or cover that both were further away than the enemy

- When the auto targeting marked an enemy the mark often disappeared just a brief moment before shooting without marking another enemy (happened for mobile and immobile enemies with and without cover)

- Sometimes the focus seems to lie on some invisible point somewhere on the map because my character always fired in the same direction towards the same point. Tested this in several different positions in the same room.

- The area effect skill of the heavy bolter seems to be especially prone to this but it also happens with the normal shots as well. 

It's not very practical running up to an enemy in melee range so it is targeted. This is especially true for elite chaos psykers/sorcerers that tear me to shreds with multiple psyker powers at once. No amount of suppression resistance, shields and innoculators will make this a viable approach. And this was for a mission with a PR of 530 while my own is 650. Despite having more than -35% damage reduction from the PR I still struggle because I have to go into very close quarters (spare me your "git gud" comments, please).

I will take a break from the game until this is hopefully patched because it ruins all the fun. I enjoyed the game so far so this is very unfortunate.

5 years 277 days ago
One thing different to other arpgs seems to be limited range. You can't fire off screen and trying to shoot beyond range initiates movement .Whereas in van helsing you could shoot offscreen regardless of weapon.Sniper rifles should have full range. Medium range weapons should be able to shoot offscreen but with reduced damage. I believe that will go someway to overcoming the pov showing targets that are beyond weapon range and not there being no lock on.
5 years 277 days ago
I have the exact same problem, i play a melee assassin, so i close up to ennemis, and i see very often my character swinging around except at ennemi's face ! Aiming with riffles is not working as well, shooting some floor junction instead of ennemies firing right in front of the character. This needs a fix, and yes i agree with other comments saying that the previous aiming system which was not perfect but at least our characters were not swinging/firing at invisible ghosts ennemies ^^
5 years 277 days ago
Same here. It creates sometime awkward moments when tou, with your sniper, run all around one mob, waiting to aim-lock this heretics. It’s cruel, he deserves to die faster... 

I like a lot the new R1+L1 shot for explosive elements.

5 years 277 days ago
That would be great. It´s just terrible having to run around like a maniac instead of calmly aming and taking the shot in the right moment with a sniper. 

Thank you.

5 years 279 days ago
Thank you for your feedback. I forward these opinions to our console team who will consider them!
5 years 281 days ago
New system seems to be worse for the assassin,especially sniper.Running up targetting and the running away is the only work around for targetting some enemies .
5 years 281 days ago
Yup targetting is much worse now than it was, heavy bolter is almost useless.

Having to move to aim hinders all combat.

Just let us aim with the right anologue stick, zooming in and oit is useless.