Stuck on Quest Legend of the chimera


My Mate didnt got the portal to the Crytal Workshop and so he stucks now. Because he cant finish the Quest Legend of The Chimera. Is there anyway to solve his problem. Or can he restart his quest. Please help us he cant join our lobby because he is not far enough in the story that sucks but I hope you can help.

Greetings kraiNN

*EDIT* His Charakater is Called Qeckmeyer and is an Elementalist. 

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Stuck on Quest Legend of the chimera
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6 years 126 days ago

Oh I Forgot to say we are Playing The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing The Final Cut

6 years 127 days ago

Well he fixed it not still need help ignore the fix post^^

Greetings kraiNN

6 years 127 days ago

He fixed it himself he joined a random Lobby where he got the Portal.

6 years 127 days ago

We are playing on PC. My Mate talked with Prisoner Seven accepted the quest The Legend of The Chimera but he does not get the Portal to the Crystal Workshop which should appear on the right side of the Engineer. Thats where he stuck on his Campaign. He can't enter the Crystal Workshop. I am finished with the campaign thats why he cant join my lobby because he is not far enough in Progress. So in his Lobby does the Workshop not appear is there a way to reset his progress to a point before he accepted the Quest: The Legend of The Chimera. I hope we can solve this problem together.

Greetings kraiNN

6 years 127 days ago

Hey Krainn,

Thank you for contacting us. Can you please tell us what platform are you guys playing on?

With the console versions the following should happen:

  • 1. You defeat the Chimera,
  • 2. One of you interact with the Exit Portal,
  • 3. This initiates a "should we leave?" vote,
  • 4. If everyone's okay with it, the game will bring all players back to the Lair.

If by any chance - connection issues etc. - a member of the party got disconnected from the game during these steps, you can try the following:

  • The player with the issue should launch the Single Player Story Mode with their Co-op character and progress to the point where the rest of the Party is. By doing so the game will no longer stop them from joining the Party. Also if the Portal can't be found they can try returning to the Lair by pressing Directional Up / D-Pad Up.

Hope this helps, good luck Hunters!

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