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I play Warhammer 40K Kill Team and this would be an excellent chapter to run since  there isn't as much as an established presence in the Grim Dark as say Ultramarines

Can we get more information on this in game chapter? Actually more so of the Chapter's iconography and colour scheme. The screenshots I've tried taking ththroughout he Season 2: Khorne campaign are at most bad. Can we have official artwork or even pre production sketched that show either?

I have compiled ither information that we see in game, which isn't a lot, and formatted it as from Fandom.

Successor of:
Successor Chapters: Void Rippers (Khorne)
Homeworld: Avalon (Hiveworld), Terantir System, Agartha Subsector
Fortress Monastery:
Allegiance: Imperium of Man

Chapter History:

Notable Campaigns:

Chapter Gene Seed:

Physical Appearance:

Chapter Organization:

Specialist Ranks:

Chapter Combat Doctrine:

Chapter Beliefs:

Chapter Traditions:

Chapter Homeworld:


Deathwatch Service:

Relations with other Imperial Organizations: Secret Chamber Militant of the Caligari Conclave of the Inquisition.

Notable Colossi:
* Sgt Casius Thorn

Chapter Fleet:

Chapter Appearance:
Chapter Colors:
Chapter Badge:

Chapter Armory:

Chapter Relics:

Chapter Inspiration:

Warhammer 40,000 :Inquisitor- Martyr (Xbox)

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