Storage Bug


My items in my storage box keeps disappearing. I am playing the new season. I am playing inferno season and this has happen already twice and it also has happen with my son on his account. 

Tracy Scott

Jan. 31, 2024

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Storage Bug
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126 days ago

Thanks for your effort, but several players still say they are experiencing this :(

127 days ago

Hello guys!

We managed to fix this issue, but cannot retroactively redeem your lost items unfortunately. Please let me know what your in-game account names are so I can drop a couple goodie bags to your inventories as compensation for the trouble.

128 days ago
Same problem. All staff disappeared both in season and non-season storage. Serious problem for that kind of game/
128 days ago

Same Problem here, it happen to shards, codes and consumables - playing inferno mission
All other things seem to stay in the storage box.
When you put all things in your character inventory and log out and in again - all things are fine, but now I forgot it one time and 95% of my shards and psalm codes are gone - thats very frustrating :(

Please try to fix that

129 days ago
update: log out, log back in and Intel x 3, & Shards x 2, immediately gone.

Intel in first back, Shards in Second.

Transferred to the Non-Seasonal Casket.

NOTE: Several items in Tab one were NOT removed but duplicated in Non-Seasonal Casket.

I now have mirror copies of gear (Signums x4/random legendary gear & Weapons in both Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Caskets. 

129 days ago
Has also happened to me. - New Seasonal Character - Inferno

Confirmed that the items - some Psalm Codes, Shards, Intel and items that I had in my new seasonal character transferred over to my non-seasonal casket.

They we located in both tab one and tab two of the Seasonal Casket.

Good luck as this one does not do all of it but random partial.

Changing between characters do not seem to do it but full log out has my Shards vanish every time.

129 days ago

same for me, all items disappeared, league inferno

129 days ago
Same here. Renders the game unplayable in my opinion. This isn't the first time item storage has gotten messed up. It's extremely frustrating when you're trying to progress your build.
131 days ago
Got the same with Jugement.

I think only Codes and Shards keep disapearing.

Feels like around 10 Shards and 15 Codes disapeard so far for me.

131 days ago
We've registered this as a valid issue and are looking to fix it. Sadly we couldn't yet recreate it ourselves so that makes it difficult. Your reports help a great deal in localizing the issue. Cheers!
132 days ago
I believe I'm also experiencing this issue with a seasonal character (Escalation). I've had items in my storage disappear. I'm afraid I can't confirm if they went to my non-seasonal storage or not. They were mostly shards and psalm-codes.
132 days ago

Same problem, Inferno season.

132 days ago
Hello Tracy! Could you confirm they moved to your non-seasonal stash? Or are they completely gone from everywhere instead. Cheers!
133 days ago
I heard from other players  about similar issues as well. 

Seems the items got "leaked" to non-season stash
133 days ago
Same here, on season of judgement