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Hey Hi Hallo Eklipsis here,

I will post and update mechanical and gameplay stuff for the Assasin all in this thread so its all condensed and I encurage all the stealthy little death cultists out there to do the same :), also I suck at PvP so this is all PvE perspective

 (Disclaimer: I cant test everything as of now without respec and limited time, same as endgame numbers and so on..)

Quick Reminder:

1: Keep feedback constructive.

2: Focus on fun, not numbers.

3: Don't just redesign the spec yourself. Think of concepts that solve problems, and things it'd be cool to have, try to avoid attempting a detailed rework / spell design.

4: People will disagree, but please keep it civil.

(Now give me an hour or so to actually write this thing)


The Barrel-Roll feels way to clunky for me with the options beeing rolling vertically up or down in Cameradirection, it would feel much smoother if you cloud only roll in Curserdirection I think

Armor Utility:

Temporal Distorsion Field: Way too op duh... :D waiting for nerf

Holo-Field: The theoretically perma clones are pretty nice as bulletsponges, especially for range setups but they lack control in my opinion. Maybe we could give them rough movement directions with re-clicking the Ability or something like that

Stealth Field: Pretty sweet as it is no complaints from me


Arc Blade: Whirlwind Attack is not worth channeling over Voltaic Arc or Voltaic Leap in any situation. Maybe a Combo-Breaker for Bladestorm (something more singetarget oriented) would be better I believe

Death Cult Blade: Fine as it is

Null Rod: Need more testing with this but seems fine to me (PvP guys area of expertise)

Arc Sword: Fine and fun as hell so much mobility i like it :)

Assasin Power Sword: Same as Arc Sword

Carthean Sword: Fine as it is... i think, Toxin gameplay is a bit left behind it feels like (need further testing)

Pistols: Sooooo many possibility, so many combinations, brain overheating..... restart... they are fine i think :D

Guns: Basically same as Pistols, needs maybe a bit debuff interaction like Corrosion, Bleed and Freeze

Shotgun: Good all round weapon (maybe needs a little mobility to keep up with melee weapons)

Exitus Rifle: The pinnicale of a Sniper, looks and feels great

Longlas and Sniper Rifle: Great basic weapons (would not use them in any case over the Exitus Rifle)

Needler Sniper Rifle: Great idea, the abilities are in theory great but the toxin needs some representation in the talents


Damage over Time: To get this out this tree is a mess. In my opinion this needs a path for Burn, one for Bleed and one for Toxin. I have never seen Corrosion (same as Freeze) and to have to pick a Burn talent to get to Bleed slow is just wierd. This would be the ideal tree to give Needler-Toxin some interaction (like Burn with crit) but with attackspeed or something like that

Heat Attacks: Voletile Output (15% dmg for -5% crit) feels wierd in a tree with Spontaneous Combustion (Burn on crit) and Superheated Discharge (vulnerability on crit) but endgame stats may change my opinion on that

Support: Needs way more interaction with belt items not just Inoculators. Especially group related stuff like Grenades, Mines and Scatter Fields

The others are fine as they are or I havent tested them yet

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Stealthy, Stabby Assasin Playground
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