Sororitas Class DLC Issues


Hi there

Been playing Inquisitor for as long as I can remember and a friend was nice enough to gift me the Xbox DLC for the Sororitas class.

However, I have discovered through checking the Xbox Store that he bought the DLC for the Ultimate Edition of the game, when I actually own the "Non-Ultimate" version.  As a result, the class is still locked in the game for me.

I spoke to Xbox Customer Support who said as it is DLC they cannot help and I should speak to you.  Is there any way we can transfer the DLC license from the Ultimate Edition to the standard edition of the game please?

Xbox GT:  Im Dave Angel

I can provide extra information on request.

Many thanks

Im Dave Angel

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Sororitas Class DLC Issues
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280 days ago

Thanks for your help oeregharcos, I have DM'ed you on Discord.

Hope to hear from you soon :) 

282 days ago

Hey there! Could you please message me either on our support chat on this very website (you can find it by going to the main menu by clicking the icon in the upper left and then scrolling until you see it in a yellow field), or DM me on our Discord server. My name is 'oeregharcos - Neocore Support' on there. I'll be awaiting your message. Cheers!

283 days ago

Hi there,  thanks for replying

Yes, I can confirm I own the Standard Edition of the game, but have been gifted the DLC for the Ultimate Edition.  This is on the series s console, as the game is running from Internal Storage and also sports the X/s moniker in the corner of the icon.

When I originally bought the game I was using an Xbox one X.  However, I had to update to the series version when I was forced to upgrade to the series s.  Ever since then I have been running the game from Internal storage.

I can see how the problem occured.  If you goto the Xbox store and search for 'Soror', there are two entries that look identical.  It's only when you scroll down, you see the actual version of the game it is intended for.  It was a simple mistake on my friends side, but as it's my account the DLC is connected to, I am attempting to fix the issue.

Do you want some screenshots taken with my phone to illustrate the point?

Many thanks


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286 days ago
Hey there, are you sure it has to do with the ultimate/non-ultimate versions? Could you please first confirm you have got the correct version as far as it being for the Xbox One or the Series S/X. These have different versions of the game, there might have been a mixup in that regard. Awaiting your response :)