Some, but not all, archeotech relics have better base stats


So I didn't notice this until it was mentioned on a build video. But why is this bug/feature not documented anywhere?

Some archeotech relics have base abilities that are better than normal and they are identified with a different coloured ability. See this arc blade:

The damage is higher and the "weak vs armour" is removed.

It would have been nice to know this is a thing that can drop.

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Some, but not all, archeotech relics have better base stats
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1 year 242 days ago
Technically not the same item.

If you look carefully at the icons for the abilities, 1 and 3, are not the same color as 2 and 4.  These 2 with the darker colored icons are "improved" and thus have better damage associated.  If you collect a lot of archeotech blueprints, you'll notice that there will be multiple copies of the same item listed for you to craft.  Sometimes they have a different relic enchant, other times they resemble the exact scenario you have here, where they have the same enchant, with differing damages.

In my experience you might find one or two enhanced abilities on any given archeotech weapon.  It's a subtle thing they offered for extensive farming, but like most of the way they explain this game, tooltips, and end game content; much was left to be desired.