Some bugs on King Arthur: Knights Tales


Hi guys, first of all i tell you i really love this game, i enjoy a lot.

i found some bugs i i want indicate to get better the game.

In "Island of the Shrine" and "Bleeding Cross Monastery" Mission i found bugs.

In Island of the Shrime, 

in the start of the map in the first house to the right, the characters disapear.

In "Bleeding Cross Monastery"

when the party is ambush for undeads the charecters appear on top of each other sometimes

Others bugs in general are:

Some times, one encounters scenes and they are not activated (like the pictore or some ambush)

Other thing is, when you activate for first time some encounters if you replayed the mision, the encounter dont have dialogs.

i hope this information help you guys,

Best Regards,

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Some bugs on King Arthur: Knights Tales
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I just encountered a bug where a battle does not end after killing everyone in the Endgame add on content.  The mission is Act of War where you need to kill Sidehfir the warlock ( the last battle by the shrine).  By not ending the battle after every Seelie was killed, the game is not playable.  Additionally in this same mission, after most battles on the map, there were 2-3 leftover enemies that could not be killed.  You could just walk through them like they were not there.  Please fix ASAP so I can finish one of the most amazing games I have ever played.

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The Brookdale mission issue got fixed so you should be able to complete it and leave.

The fog of war issue will get fixed ASAP on our end.

"when the party is ambush for undeads the charecters appear on top of each other sometimes" - this bug should not appear any longer as we fixed an issue related to it. But a bug that two heroes can be put onto the same grid is still in there. We will fix it!

The issue about the area where you bump into Sir Ector: could you tell me how you approached the area there? The cutscene should have triggered and we could not reproduce the bug just now.

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Already I ended the content, others thing is in the last mision "Brookdale" the mision is not ended, i clean all map, but in one fight a item of scenario don't disappear, i think that is the problem.