Some advice for maximum account exp in co-op (vid)

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Some advice for maximum account exp in co-op (vid)
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6 years 276 days ago

Some additions:

Level your Char rank up to level 10 but keep your starting gear in your storage. With Rank level 10 you get more Account exp from 1.2k+ mission then you get at level 1. I dont know if thats the sweet spot but there are sometimes up to 3.5k difference according to your char rank. If you reequip your starting gear you even get a low ammount of Account exp more.

If you are in a Cabal and know some Assas ask those if you can come with them. 3 Assas in a hunt or assasination or warp gate mission = ~30sec per mission while the fourth person can poke her nose.

Hm thats it so far. I think i forgot something but I'll add it if remember it ^^.