Sniper Rifle firing range


While playing as an Assassin Sniper build I have noticed that the sniper rifle range is the same as a normal rifle (Autogun, Bolter, Lasgun)

This need to be increased so you can hit any target that on the screen and not be limited by the range of the normal rifles.  Making it double the distance would be a good start.  As it is a sniper rifle.

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Sniper Rifle firing range
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5 years 221 days ago
Well its hard to balance im guessing far range weapon that can allow me to stay outside aggro range would be OP. I think they just got to increase range by a lil bit and it be ok
5 years 223 days ago
Totaly agree. This is no sniper feeling at all... 
5 years 223 days ago

In Alpha the Sniper rifle's use to, just like molten beam does now hit targets and kill them beyond the screen. They just decided to change it. I agree with the OP however this is just on thing that needs to be fixed with snipers.

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5 years 223 days ago
That would be good in theory, and sounds logical,

but you won't see this ingame, as the games mechanics / combat are not made with such things in mind, and it would definitely break something if you did. :D