Skill tree bug



I have a bug on my skill tree... i took almost all point in the melee tree... and now... all skills that i chose disappeared :'(

But the game seems to count these 16 point I invested in the mellee tree...

Can you help me ?

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Skill tree bug
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44 days ago

Me and my mate were having the same issue it was i either got his tree or he got mine this happened on every player we created including diffrent seasons

46 days ago
Hey !

- Coop !

- I could not say if it happen in a mission or in the hub : / I noticed the problem in the HUB.

- the 1st time, I had no misallocation, the 2nd, I had about 10 points misallocated on a total of 30+ "invisible allocated" point

- No, it seems my friend received no more points.

I can add that, if I look on tne player stats, I indeed lost the points I invested, and stats are at 0%. And in mission, the number are a lot more smaller. It's not only an HUD problem.

46 days ago

Please, share with me some info: 

  • is this in co-op or singleplayer? Both? 
  • happening mid-mission? in the HUB?
  • are the misallocated points going to a different skilltree of yours? are they going to a co-op partners skills??
  • what class are you playing
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46 days ago

Hey guys, thank you all for your reports, we are looking into it

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47 days ago
Once again on another char... this time, i lost all the crit and melee tree.........
47 days ago
Aw strange thing... for my part, i had somme physical melee increase in the tree, but i'm still at 0% on character sheet.
48 days ago
Same thing happened to me except the entire skill tree was erased after a mission but I still have all my points to spend. I had to respend everything.
48 days ago
Update: I unlocked the Critical Hit tree and it was completely filled with skill points. So, it's like the game thinks I have these points in trees I don't have unlocked yet.
48 days ago

I have this EXACT same problem. I tried putting a point in and resetting one of the trees that I already had points in, but that didn't work. I also tried putting a point in a tree I did not have points in, then reset that tree. I've done several missions and it looks like this isn't fixing itself. The only difference is the class: I'm playing a battle sister.

The weird thing is that it appears the selections are still active. I have all my movement speed from the movement tree, but I can't progress it because I can only select the first skill.