skill points transfering to my friends character

When me or my friend play no matter what season or class as we play either my skill tree will transfer to my mates character or the other way around and if they put points in a tree not available to the class i have then its impossible to mind wipe or if i haven't unlocked the passive tree e.g movement tree on that season character.

as you can see from the image im sitting at -21 points with points in the movement tree (not unlocked yet) and in the critical tree, this character is only level 10 at the time of this screenshot but i have more points then i should allocated. 

 its happened to over 6 of our character almost bricking them as we are not able to get some of the points back, even when we can mind wipe it them happens a few min/hours later making the game impossible to play with a friend.

hopefully there is a fix so i can keep playing with my mate.

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skill points transfering to my friends character
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41 days ago
looks like after doing some testing with the games support team we have found the cause its when a person goes down/killed there skill tree is then imprinted on the host skill tree so you end up with there tree and points even if you haven't unlocked it yet or if its in a skill unavailable to that class  
42 days ago

Hey, we are trying to figure out what is causing this issue. We weren't able to reproduce it yet, but it's obviously happening since several players are reporting on this. 

45 days ago
We both even tried reinstalling the game, made sure we had the same DLCs aswell, still keeps happening, could we get any help or reply on this issue as its making the game unplayable.