Side missions not counting towards Skill Tree Unlock


This was already a problem in alpha, but somewhat insignificant along the way of other, way more grindy unlocks.
Being a problem that there were very few missions with side quests to count towards the skill tree unlock (Suppression Skill Tree).

Now, off the few side quests I have seen so far, which seem to b even fewer, FAR FEWER than in alpha,
only a fraction counted towards that "achievement".

It is not an incredibly important skill tree, but somewhat useful, and it should be unlock-able without getting "self flagellation" twice on the way.

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Side missions not counting towards Skill Tree Unlock
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6 years 30 days ago

idd like to see this adressed too, it was doable but hard in alpha, now its gonna take and insane amount of gaming hours to get

6 years 31 days ago

Bump on this, since i'd like to unlock this tree.

Actually lvl 42, my crusader is at 4/25 on the unlock achievement (the 4 were gained through campaign).

6 years 36 days ago
I may add that removing shrines as a side quest is not, by all means, beneficial to this problem.