Seasonal Stash is gone?


I wanna know if its a bug or intended, we cant access the seasonal stash with our non seasonal characters anymore.

Before we could access seasonal stashes at any time by non seasonal characters, so we could have exclusive Items funneled to our main characters to create more builds and playstyles.

If this isnt available anymore with the seasonal journey characters then thats a huge misstep... 

Does it work for anyone? can you access the stash from non seasonal characters?

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Seasonal Stash is gone?
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140 days ago
I am pretty sure it worked in every season. You just couldnt access the non seasonal stash as an seasonal character.

I dont know if it was buggy(since the stash sometimes had other bugs as well, like items disappearing and reappearing)

But it worked for me and others like that.

The problem seems to be resolved with the mail though, which is great. I will let the community know in my next youtube Video. Thanks for all the work and continued support for the game!

140 days ago
Oh thank you so much, that works!

Since the Seasonal Characters are forever i thought we could never get the items to our other characters. Since the Season doesnt end. Good thing to know we can still get them!

140 days ago
hey, I'm not sure what you mean, because accessing seasonal stash with non-seasonal characters was never an option besides the inter-seasonal period where you could transfer your seasonal items to your non-seasonal stash.
141 days ago

Currently the only solution is sending mails to yourself and extract the items with non-season characters