Seasonal Purity Seal Bugged Enchant


The Enchant that give supreme resist and damage reduction never stacks beyond 63 %, i tried it many times and saw the Thunderbolt kept going of , but the Resists and reduction never goes beyond 63% which makes this purity seal not really desirable. I think its a bug, See screenshots.

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Seasonal Purity Seal Bugged Enchant
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1 year 190 days ago
To be honest, even I don't know why the numbers are capped at 63%. I will consult with our designers, we will try to figure out. 
1 year 196 days ago

According to the secret noospheric data storages, you can stack this buff up to 20 times. However, the duration of the buff is only 2 seconds.

Theory Alpha: The internal cooldown of your ToA is also 2 seconds, therefore maximal observed bonus of 3% can be explained by the ToA being fired off exactly once. (it jumps 2 times, ie. total 3 hits, ie. +3% supreme DR and allresist)

Theory Beta: Equipping Signums with ToA CD reset and applying other cooldown reduction sources (Neurophine innoculator component, some CDR Perks, CDR from Movement passive tree) may allow for more procs, allowing more stacks.

PS: resistances have the same cap as damage reduction. 60% softcap, 80% hardcap.

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1 year 196 days ago
Brother Kundari

Even if Supreme resists cap out at a weird uneven 63% , damage reduction caps at 80% and doesnt stack higher either. So i think its just an overall item bug.

1 year 197 days ago
Can´t say I remember I seen it more then that. Ever, really. As far as I can remember, 60%-63% is THE limit and absolute MAX, when it comes to these numbers regarding resistances.

And if in the instance you may have something that means it is higher, I believe this one was to be some kind of side/bonus effect that comes in effect after you used the main one first.