Seasonal Bosses bugged?


After reaching max level and an insane amount of grinding not even a single seasonal boss has spawnt.

The only few i got were while i was below level 100.

Afterwards not a single one has spawnt. And After reaching level 100 i have been only grinding hard to get seasonal missions to spawn, nothing else. And still not a single boss.

It says it has a 15% spawn chance, its already really low, especially for 10 factions.

BUT from the amount of missions i have done, it doesnt feel like 15%. Maybe its 1.5%? and someone has messed up the decimal point?

Or is it just completely non spawning bugged since 2-3 days ago?

Or is it bugged that they dont spawn after reaching level 100?

Ayone got one to spawn recently? and after reaching level 100?

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Seasonal Bosses bugged?
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1 year 44 days ago

A patch which we plan to release either tomorrow (01.11) or the day after tomorrow (01.12) will address this problem.

Quote from the patch notes of the update:

"Increasedthe Ultimate Harbingers' spawn chance from 15% to 50% on Seasonal Missions"

1 year 58 days ago
I have one char at level 80 and another at level 50, I have yet to see a single season boss at all.  I run the season missions every time they popped, even let it cycle once to make it harder, and still not a single season boss to be seen.  Not only that, but I just thought I was having bad luck, but I guess I'm not the only one.
1 year 65 days ago
Well, whatever is going on, those Ultimate Bosses is HARD to come by. And this ULTRA-RARE present is the easiest to come by ever. I truly did wished that was TRULY HARD to come by.
1 year 65 days ago

Also, looking at the hall of heroes for this season is very telling: for the first time ever, one week from its start there are only four people there. Where previously we had a whole page filled with the fastest and most efficient players. And this time with one exception none of the usual suspects have made it there, which is pretty shocking.

That just shows how awful this addition is. Neocore did it two (?) seasons ago with similar boss killing mechanic, but that was not based on this much RNG and it wasn't bugged. This time they went full retard with RNG (insert a random never-go-full-retard meme). Perhaps hoping that players would ecstatically grind this crap until season reset in 6 months?

Or, as posted elsewhere, I would not be shocked at all if this week Marco went public with "our apologies for accidentally swapping the seasonal boss RNG with the avatar frame RNG". It would not surprise me at all...

1 year 65 days ago
I very much second your statement.
1 year 65 days ago
Let me add my experiences. I am at 4 of 10 right now, I got 3 while leveling to 100, and after playing yesterday THE ENTIRE FUNNY DAY, with Valorous Heart -> Seasonal -> Valorous Heart -> Seasonal (you only need 1 Valorous Heart run to fill up for another seasonal mission) ...

... I got nothing. My last boss spawned yesterday at 08:30, and since then, over 24 hours later, I got not a single other one.

I just want to complete this season WITHOUT losing my SANITY. This is really pissing me off royally. Not my idea of xmas.

I played every Martyr season so far, completed every one of them. This is the season that can make me ragequit after 2002 hours. And I damn love my sister of battle.

Who got the idea to design this 1 in 10 and then 1 in 7 thing that might also be bugged on top of that.

Bugs, bugs, bugs. I got the Circlet of Vainglory in the 3rd mission, there the odds were probably broken, too.

I very much love Neocore games, be it Martyr or King Arthur, I really do.

Don't do this to your players/customers. This is insane and only creating ill will and $"%"$&§%$, yeah, I am fuming!

1 year 66 days ago
"bugged" would be putting it lightly. We're meant to kill 10 different ultimate bosses when they only have a 15% chance per seasonal missions of dropping in the first place & then those odds get clusterf%^ked by the fact that you'll only have a 1 in 10 chance of getting the boss that you need! I've lost count of the amount of seasonal missions I've done over the last few days purely to hunt seasonal bosses & have seen a total of 3 of them & 2 of the bastards were one's I'd already killed ffs. Someone needs to fix this trash before it catches on fire because essentially have a 1.5% chance of getting the seasonal boss needed per seasonal mission is absurd. Someone waved a "math wand" & said yeah sure fine 15% is more than enough...............same mathematic genius needs to have their teeth pulled out with pliers, rinse with gasoline and swallow a match
1 year 66 days ago
I´m not sure what it is, but I have only myself encountered 2 Ultimate Seasonal Bosses so far. I´m over Lvl 80 at this moment.
1 year 66 days ago

Bugged or just typical Neocore game design? Who knows? I was far luckier than you, OP, and at level 94, having done all the seasonal missions that have popped up so far and with more than 100 seasonal chests opened, I have encountered 1 seasonal boss. Sorry about gloating, but I just can't believe my luck.

Well, to be completely honest, I did run into one more, the Nurgle seasonal boss, but the moment I attacked him, the game disconnected and I was kicked out, as one can expect from this game.

Every couple of seasons Neocore designers go half brain-dead and add crap like this. Remember the time they added completion of (random) weekly challenges as one of the season's requirements? Good old times, who would have thought that one day they would top even that shitshow. With virtually no QA for this game and a cheap, amateurish way to prepare these seasons, people are then left with this enlightened game design by someone who I think has never tested anything past level 20 on a single class.

If the community keep begging them and create 20 more posts about it, perhaps they will have a look at it and a couple of months from now there might be a hotfix. Something that would have been discovered before the season started if it was actually tested.

Let's face it, Neocore has moved on and these half-assed seasons are the only thing that will be happening to this game, complete with a plethora of (ignored) bugs and broken features, and Neocore's complete reliance on ridiculous RNG to mask as "content".

1 year 66 days ago
I'm not sure if it's bugged or just "bad" RNG but i've encoutered only 1 boss during campaign and nothing else(while having all other seasonal achievements done) so it's kinda similar experience to yours.