Season Pass Initial Offerings Missing?



Purchased the game. Played it for a day then decided to pick up the season pass because of the promised extra items but not least of which was an "Exclusive PS4 theme". 

Now, I've had this for a while and still have seen no theme to download or employ and am wondering, am I missing something? Has it not come out yet? And if not, why not (themes seem to be easy to make as far as I am aware..what could be the delay)? 

Also, I see the Glory and PVP are on Season 10. That would mean this game has been out for over 2 months and I have not seen any additional anythings for Season Pass holders nor any updates as to what is coming when other than "coming soon". Is there a good place to check for these that may be off the beaten path?

Thank you for your time.

Store Page
Season Pass Initial Offerings Missing?
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5 years 264 days ago
Thank you so much. That was exactly what I was looking for. It looks WONDERFUL!

(Now, why that would not come up in searches on the Playstation Store, I have no idea. But thank you again) :)

5 years 265 days ago

Here you can find it, hopefully you can search for it this way on your device! 

5 years 265 days ago
Hi there. Unfortunately, I could locate no theme in the PS4 store for Inquisitor under any name (Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Martyr, Inquisitor or any combination thereof). If you have a link that we can access here or can give directions for where the theme is for those of us who purchased the season pass, we would be most grateful. 
5 years 276 days ago

the Season pass will include several upcoming DLCs coming for console. Since no DLC has been released yet for console these are naturally not available! They will come soon one at a time!
As for the Theme you should be able to download it from the store please check on it once again!